There will be No compensation to the customers of Volkswagen, Europe


┬┐What a difference to a north american consumer of one european? A lot of things. Us europeans go for diesels for economy, by taxes… and here the Volkswagen is so much more valued that at those places. And the same can be said of the diesel, there are minority, although this brand is the most “oil” sells.

north american customers shall receive as compensation two cards with a value of $ 500 each. One of them is to spend money in the dealers and technical service of the mark within a period of three years, the other for what they want. The cost of this measure will exceed 500 million dollars. Another benefit is roadside assistance for three years.

Meanwhile, in Europe, there are some 11 million motors “souped-up”, and an outlay of 1,000 euros per beard would cost astronomical. Instead, the company simply will minimize discomfort during the time that the cars be rectified to reduce their emissions of NOx.

Volkswagen believes that the europeans are already enough benefit to level of taxes and the lower cost of diesel fuel. In addition, the spokesperson indicated that the TDI europeans will not be sold or publicised as a “Clean Diesel”. Are very funny mental. The alternative reading of this news is that Volkswagen does not have to spend 11,000 million euros to maintain clientele, it is a brand that sells “single”. And they do not lack reason, the impact of the #Dieselgate in their sales has been a scratch in October.