There will be No World Rally Cars hybrids at least until 2022


are increasingly in the category of first-level resort
. The Formula 1 and the WEC are a reference and at the same time support for the
brands to evolve their hybrid technology, but also a little bit to
little hybridization is coming to other disciplines like rallycross. Without
however, the future of the WRC is not electric, as confirmed by Jarmo
Mahonen as Director of Rallies of the FIA. The goal of the maximum
agency is to bring stability to the World Rally and therefore there are no plans of
launch of World Rally Cars hybrids in at least five years

We have had internal meetings has
affirmed Jarmo Mahonen in ‘Autosport’, where it explained: “Now we have to
to start the discussions on the power train. We have to
talk with the appropriate people from each manufacturer. The great
companies have their strategies
and we have to see how we can fit
in them. Right now we need stability and there will be electric cars
during five years
. In this aspect, Mahonen remarked: “It’s a lot
easier for the rallycross. The rallies are a discipline very complicated
to implement hybrid technologies
. One option would be to use this drive
the links and the combustion engine in the sections”.

With the new generation of World Rally Cars based on the engines to 1.6 Turbo, it is difficult to think that hybridization can get to the WRC before the end of the cycle regulatory frameworks that has begun this year. Therefore, there will be World Rally Cars hybrid by 2022, in the same way that it will be difficult for the hybrid technology comes to the WTCC prior to this date, every time that the World of Cars you have in mind to adopt the technical regulations ‘Class One’. Even so, does not cease to be paradoxical that the two World with vehicles closest to the cars of street rehúyan the hibridación.