There will be only new World Rally Car on the factory equipment


The new World Rally Car, are the private game reserve of the factory equipment. That is the main conclusion that can be drawn from the changes approved by the World Council of the Motor held in Turin in relation to the regulations of the World Rally. In a step that does not fails to satisfy all the stakeholders, the FIA determines that the new generation of World Rally Car will be put in competition by the official teams and drivers of the manufacturers involved in the own championship. In 2017, you are brands are Citroen, Hyundai, M-Sport (Ford), Toyota, and Volkswagen.

The prohibition to supply World Rally Car of new generation pilots or private structures assumed a hard setback to the business strategy that kept some of the manufacturers present in the championship, while limiting the competitiveness of the own private pilots. Although, for the moment has not ruled anything about it, it is very likely that this measure comes from the hand of the creation of a Cup WRC with the current World Rally Car, thus allowing the brands to maintain a source of income, and private pilots from high-level to compete for the top of the category WRC2.

At the meeting of the World Council of the Motor has also been stated that from 2017 the manufacturers do not have to select a first pilot. If you are maintaining the eligibility prior to each event, which overthroweth the option to compete with three cars and the two best teams but stay out points for marks. Finally, has restructured the delivery of points for incomplete evidence. If you complete 25% to 50% of the mileage it will deliver a third of the points. 50 to 75% of the tour completed will be awarded one-half and above 75% will give you all the points.