There will not be a Jaguar XJ Coupe

Jaguar XK66 edición limitada

The Jaguar XJ Coupe would be a way to bring the visa to the concept of gran turismo left with the XK

the launch of The Jaguar F-Type coincided in time with the farewell to the Jaguar XK, but both models have little or nothing to do with it. The Jaguar XK was a gran turismo powerful, comfortable and luxurious and worthy successor of models like the Jaguar E-Type, XJS and XK of the first generation. The Jaguar F-Type, in contrast, is a model of sports aspirations that seeks to attract a new type of customer to Jaguar.

Since the demise of the Jaguar XK in 2014, has been concocting lies about the possibility that Jaguar has decided to launch a new coupe and its variant soft-top convertible from the XJ, thus creating a Jaguar XJ Coupe. It would be a new model that would go a step further than the jaguar XK. That could be a rival for the Mercedes S-Class Coupe and its variant cabrio not materialize, because Jaguar does not believe that it is a cost-effective model, in the words of Joe Eberhardt, CEO of Jaguar Land Rover North America, in the Hall of New York.

Mercedes S65 AMG Coupé 2015

A model like the Jaguar XJ Coupe would be a rival to the Mercedes S-Class Coupe

For Eberhardt the bulk of the market for a brand like Jaguar is in a price range of between 35,000 and 125,000 dollars. To go beyond that, with cars very expensive, would not allow to win a lot of volume, which is part of what Jaguar for face increase your sales. That would make that hypothetical Jaguar XJ Coupé was a model difficult to monetize for the brand. Nor will there be a Jaguar compact below the Jaguar XE.

right Now, the Jaguar F-Type SVR model is the most sporty of the brand, that prefers focus on models of higher-volume, for which it has launched the sedan of segment D XE e start shortly the comercializaicón of the Jaguar F-Pace, the first SUV of the british brand.

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