There will not be a Volvo C30 or any other model below the series 40


The Volvo V40 and XC40 will be the access models to the brand

Volvo wants to learn from the mistakes of the past. Under the umbrella of Geely is doing everything possible to recover the prestige and success that it deserves with a vehicle range of high-quality, category and particularly well-structured. Among his future plans did not envisage to launch a vehicle below the 40 series, seeing the little success that got the retired Volvo C30.

new series 40, advanced recently by the attractive prototypes Volvo Concept 40.1 and 40.2, will be the access models to the brand without any intention to manufacture vehicles smaller in size. “Obviously, we could reduce the platform CMA, but is not on the agenda” has declared Hakan Samuelsson, CEO of Volvo, the magazine Car&Driver.

This means that we will see at least the new Volvo V40 and the Volvo XC40 in the range of access in Volvo, but does not imperil to launch another C30 taking into account that in its seven years of commercial life, between 2006 and 2013, just got to sell 200,000 units in all the world. The small premium vehicles are gaining popularity among the public, but the swedes will conform with the business of the above-mentioned compact, waiting above all, a quite remarkable success in the future crossover XC40.


there is No planned continuity for the coupe compact Volvo C30

The new range of Volvo will be renewed to complete within four years, when the all-new Volvo XC90 is the model most long-lived of your offer. It is currently available throughout the entire series 90 (XC90, S90 and V90), the next to be renewed is clearly the series 40 (the above-mentioned V40 and XC40) and subsequently will be filling the grill with models of intermediate waiting for the new series 60 (Volvo S60, V60 and XC60), in addition to other vehicles such as the long-awaited coupé based on the spectacular prototype Volvo Coupe Concept (whatVolvo C90?) 2013.

Volvo have very clear, to win, save. So, it has simplified its range with two modular platforms and global, CMA for compact vehicles and the SPA for larger models, both shared with Geely.

While thrusters are based on a single architecture of four-cylinder engines of 2.0-litre Drive-E both petrol as well as diesel for everything. These are offered in different wattages (from 190 to 320 HP), including in a hybrid system, plug-in up to 400 HP so-called T8, in addition to a version of up to 450 CV without the aid of electrification signed by Polestar. Without the new electric range that is about to arrive.