There’s a new version for the Tesla Model X that makes it more accessible

Tesla Model XThe Tesla Model X is the alternative SUV within the range of the american manufacturer. It is a model that condenses the philosophy of the brand in the bodywork aspect of todocamino. The product was attractive, but the price seemed to be screaming to go running. Now, with the arrival of a new alternative to offer, call Tesla Model X 60D, this model is made more accessible with a starting price of 72.500 euros.

Comes to the range of SUV electric a new finish that manages to increase the price of the beginning of this todocamino. If before we had to disburse no less than € 80,000 for the model, we can now access the same for something over 70,000. The interesting thing, is that despite the fact that the a discount of approximately 8,000 euros, the main elements of the Model X are kept, enjoying the majority of the accessories with what you had before.

Tesla Model XAlthough, of course, there is a but, and that but may not like so much. The autonomy of the start of the Tesla Model X is lowered with this new version, going to offer some 417 miles of range at 355 km. The brand uses exactly the same batteries that up until now, but it modifies the software of management of energy. That way we have the same performance in the acceleration test among other sections, but we lose about 60 km of autonomy

In the same way we continue to enjoy the comforts of the air suspension that mounts the Model X 75D, in addition to choosing the same equipment. Will have to wait until fall for the start of deliveries, leaving the same at 72.500 euros.

Source – Tesla