Thermal cameras and racing cars: this is the best video you’ll see today

The thermal cameras capture different surface temperatures by measuring infrared waves. And the images that capture are tremendously interesting. The American company FLIR has a complete range of infrared cameras that allow video recording. These cameras have been used by an English company record images of drag racing and drifting display . This is the most interesting video that you are going to see today, I guarantee.

It is striking to see temperature changes when burning car wheel it seems to go aside flames of your tires or your tailpipe. The motor or internal systems – such as a turbocharger or the exhaust – can be seen in all its glory. After burning wheel treads are reflected in the camera, due to its higher temperature. A pool also gives us a series of thermal contrasts very interesting.

termal-coches-2 I said, it’s a video to enjoy slowly. What I’m telling you can see it better in the video that follows these lines, recorded at Santa Pod, one of the locations most famous racing acceleration UK. Besides drag racing, there is a display of a jet dragster and various stunts on motorcycles.

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