These 5 advertisements of Fiat-Chrysler’s homage to Star Wars and make us sigh for the 18 of December

I do Not think surprise anyone if the announcement that I am a fan irremediable Star Wars. Since back in the 90’s I saw the original trilogy in VHS I went to the dark side. As you know, on the 18 day of December, the première of “The Force Awakens”, episode VII in this wonderful space saga. Many of you will be like me counting down the days to the premiere, and it seems that in FCA (Fiat-Chrysler Automobiles) also what they are doing. They have launched five car ads paying homage to Star Wars halfway between the fun, the funny and the emotional.

The first of them emphasizes the duality between the Force and the Dark Side, taking the opportunity to announce the Fiat Abarth 500, that apparently is winding to the other side of the pond. Two Abarth, in black and white colors, running through a dusty desert.

The second ad follows the life of a man, from that seen for the first time Star Wars with his father – possibly in the 70’s, or 80 – up to that house, have children and return to view once more, a release of Star Wars with their offspring. Of course, a car of Chrysler accompanies each release.

While a space battle takes place – in a galaxy, far, far away, long, long time ago – a couple watches the sky from a remote location to which you have come with your Jeep Renegade, commenting on how peaceful and tranquil that it seems the outer space.

RAM do not want to lose their job in this ad the theme for mark and his pick-up capitalizes on the popularity of the Force. With caps, the Force of Star Wars is compared to the power and load carrying capabilities of their vehicles. Maybe next to Abarth, the announcement weakest of the five.

The jewel in the crown is without doubt the announcement of Dodge. Imitate a imperial march, starring Darth Vader, that is a Dodge Viper of black color in the case of the proclamation that concerns us. A Darth “Viper”, accompanied at the training by dozens of Dodge Hellcat, both the Charger as the Challenger, who flock to the premiere of “The Force Awakens”.

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