These 7 brands are delivering more than half of the Spanish market

One of the aspects that have more prominent manufacturers at the time to defend the competitiveness of the automotive sector has been precisely the variety of brands and products, and how well spread they are their sales. It is true that in a few areas there is a distribution as equitable on the cake. We think that in these moments, in the year 2016, any brand enjoying a share of over, and not even close to, 10%. And that aspect was one of the best defenses in the sector of the car when the last summer came the report of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), which pointed to strategies that could lead to an implicit covenant of prices tacitus. With figures in hands yes we can say that today half of the market is dealt 7 marks. And that the Top 10 of the Spanish market drink approximately 65% of all enrolments.

7 marks are dealt half of the Spanish market. The Top 10 accounts for about 65% of enrolments in Spain. And one out of every four cars registered in our country belong to any of the brands of the Volkswagen Group.

The best-selling brand in 2015 has been Volkswagen, with 88.300 units, followed by another of the Group brands Volkswagen, SEAT, with 77.529 units. Although Audi and Skoda cars have fallen out of the Top 10, nor do we have to forget about that if we add up all the registrations of the Volkswagen Group, we will find that the group automobile German coparía a quarter of the Spanish market. A fact that much less is trivial.

The figures of the five most sold brands in Spain are very similar, so much so that between the positions 2 and 5 might well talk of a technical tie. Renault enrolled in 2015 a total of 77.087 cars, Opel did the same with 76.470 units, and Peugeot with 76.314 units.

ventas-coches-2If we add the 64.327 units of Ford and the 58.855 of Citroën, we will find that these 7 brands account for half of enrolment in Spain. The Top 10 is completed by Nissan with 55.313 units, Toyota with 49.120 units and Dacia with 45.241 units. In our tool for purchase decision What car do I buy? we have 50 registered top brands, and in the order of hundreds of different products.

To finish we will give you one last piece of information. The ten best-selling products in the Spanish market have a market share greater than 25%. That means that one out of every four cars sold in our country will be one of the following: SEAT Leon, SEAT Ibiza, Volkswagen Golf, Renault Megane, Dacia Sandero, Volkswagen Polo, Nissan Qashqai, Renault Clio, Opel Astra and Ford Focus.

Source: ANFAC
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