These are electric cars cheaper on the market

Volvo XC90 T8 Twin Engine

vehicles powered by heat engines and diesel each time they have it more complicated to access the large european cities. This is one of the reasons that have caused in the past two months the market share of new passenger cars with diesel engines has gone down below 50 %. The gasoline is on the rise, but surely within a few years also has complicated to access to the center areas of the big cities.

that Is why so many people, especially residents of large cities european, considering forgetting the particular vehicle and use the new economic systems of mobility for the center areas, or acquire a hybrid vehicle or electric. We are not surprised. Because of this, we wanted to find what are electric cars cheaper to the market today. A shame that currently do not exist aid to your purchase. Here we bring to you a ranking of the 10 electric more affordable.

Renault Twizy

The sympathetic urbanite Renault already has spent several years in the market. Is the city more affordable we’ve found in marketing today with a price, according to the configurator of the brand, of 7.305 euros. Although in the big cities is not imperative to have a large trunk, what is certain is that the Renault Twizy will fall short of space even to buy dinner at a fast food restaurant. In any case, this ranking was of prices, and not of utility.

Citroën Berlingo Electric

The minivan, focused on the trade of Citroën also has the electric version; additionally, it is available in several different configurations. The web configurator of Citroën gives us a price of 9.800 euros for the most economical variant is powered only with an electric power system.

Renault Kangoo Z. E.

in The third position of this ranking of electric vehicles as their price is for the Renault Kangoo Z. E. Is a clear rival of the Berlingo Electric, but its price is somewhat higher. According to the official website of the brand we can get for a Kangoo all-electric from 20.125 euros.

Renault ZOE

Prueba Renault ZOE 41 kWh

have Already been a few months since we put at the controls of the updated Renault ZOE with a real independence of 300 km, although the data of approval put it at 400 km Its starting price is 22.385 € , although it is true that this data is with the battery rented. The Renault ZOE is pretty much a Clio electrified by their exterior dimensions and interiors.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Smart has recently presented an alternative fully-electric model that is more iconic, the Smart Fortwo. Your starting price is not as content as their size and habitability, a part of the 23.300 euros.

Smart Forfour Electric Drive

like his brother of the range we have just discussed, the Smart Forfour is also available in an electric version. Its price is slightly higher, 23.966 euros, so it maybe worthwhile to invest 600 euros more and take home a model that is more practical with four seats; although we already know that the Smart customer is focused on other sections more than the versatility.

Kia Soul EV

Prueba Kia Soul EV

In the seventh place we have the Kia Soul EV. Also takes time with us, being a model easy to see at certain car rental companies who work in large cities. Its starting price, according to the website of the signature asian is 24.150 € .

Citroen Z-Zero

The model more compact and clean throughout the range Citroën is the Citroën Z-Zero. Its compact compartment allows you to house four people, although the load capacity is quite contained. However, it is a model that meets solvency function of urban electric. The price that we have found in the configurator of the brand is of 25.042 euros.

Citroën E-Mehari

For just 50 euros more than the previous one and with an aesthetic much more exclusive and eye-catching we have the Citroën E-Mehari. It has many similarities with the Mehari original and its concept is quite similar. The Citroën E-Mehari boot from the 25.085 € according to the website of the French firm.

Nissan Leaf

Prueba Nissan Leaf 30 kWh

The Nissan Leaf is the electrical model most sold in the world. Nissan boasts of it, and is not for less, since the Leaf is having a great demand in multiple markets where they are being exploited with a vengeance passenger cars powered by electrical systems. According to the configurator of the japanese brand, the Nissan Leaf has a starting price of 25.300 euros.