These are the 10 cars most reliable of 2016, according to Consumer Reports

Prueba Toyota PriusIn the latter part of the year, Consumer Reports conducts a study on the cars with the best scores in terms of reliability is referred to. He has recently published the study of 2016, bringing us the 10 cars most reliable the american market. To perform such a study, Consumer Reports has collected information and data from anything less than a half-million of cars of 2016, taking into account, from serious faults to minor disturbances, such as, for example, the noise of the brakes or a slight premature wear of the upholstery.

And that is getting a car is one of the most important investments of our lives, behind buying a house; so that we should take more account of studies such as this to opt for one model or another. It is not nice to buy a car and that appear faults or small details of wear premature; although we always can touch a unit with all the drawbacks therein and having.

in Addition to the data of the survey of owners, Consumer Reports tests vehicles and also scores in its discretion, using the result data of satisfaction of owners, their own data collected on the test track and the results in security, so you could say that this Top10 picks especially the most reliable car in its first year of life.

Toyota 4Runner

In tenth is the Toyota 4Runner. It is a vehicle that, unfortunately, is not marketed in Europe; and I say unfortunately because it is a SUV fact and law, with an aesthetic rough and good capabilities off-road, without getting to be a off-road as pure as the Jeep Wrangler, for example. Consumer Reports says that your behavior is something awkward, something that we are not surprised because your setting is focused on comfort out of the asphalt.

Audi Q7

Prueba Audi Q7 3.0 TDI 272 CVThe Audi Q7 is available in the old continent, and is the ninth in this Top10. The firmness, the comfort, the luxury, and its mechanical efficient are the best skills according to the survey. Its handling inspires confidence and the interior is very well finished, comment; something that we’ve already seen us a few months ago when we tested it.

Chevrolet Cruze

In to eighth position is the Chevrolet Cruze, which is very different from the model here was sold until very recently. It highlights its contents consumption of fuel, in addition to the systems of connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, making it also a special mention to the wizards for the driving and active safety systems, although given the slap on the wrist by declaring that the majority of these are found only in the top finish.

Mercedes-Benz GLC

Mercedes GLC Coupé seventh place of the Top10 is the Mercedes-Benz GLC. This model takes the base Mercedes C-Class and replaces the old GLK, having improved with respect to their habitability. The Mercedes GLC highlight the operation of your engine 2 liters turbo tetracilíndrico of gasoline, as well as the improvement in the automatic change. They also comment on the active safety systems and driving aids.

Lexus GS

The japanese model of high-end positioning it in the sixth place the study conducted by Consumer Reports. They claim that it is a vehicle quiet and comfortable, easy to drive, and the interior is very well “furnished”, that is to say, with good materials and an attractive design.

Lexus GX

fifth model in the listing is also of the luxurious japanese brand. This is the Lexus GX, a vehicle that is not marketed in Europe and that saves a lot of similarities with the Toyota Land Cruiser which yes we enjoyed on the old continent. The best ratings come from their abilities off the tarmac, its luxurious interior and the third small row of seats; while critical of the opening of the trunk, which is performed laterally.

Audi Q3

Audi Q3 lavado de caraAudi Q3 is verging on the podium. Comment from Consumer Reports that offers a driving experience of quality, very similar to the Audi Q5 and in a body more compact. In addition, the passenger compartment seems somewhat simple, even though it conveys a good feeling of quality. Yes, the seats seem a little narrow.

Infiniti Q70

The Premium brand of Nissan enters third rung of the podium thanks to the Infiniti Q70. The charge of the study classified a vehicle fast but at the same time comfortable. Highlight its agility and good absorption of the irregularities of the floor. They also cite the space of the squares later and the quality of the interior, although they demand a little more style; something logical, since this vehicle has spent several years in the market.

Lexus CT 200h

Lexus CT 200h Sport Edition, nueva edición especialFor the third time, we quote Lexus in the Top10 of Consumer Reports. Your model more compact, the Lexus CT 200h, has been placed in second position. The main “drawbacks” that are on the compact hybrid are the small squares later and the small cargo space of the trunk, in addition, they can only circulate in electric mode at very low speeds. However, include its low consumption, its agility and safety, without forgetting the new updates that have improved their finishes and ride comfort.

Toyota Prius

Prueba Toyota PriusThe vehicle better off of all studied by Consumer Reports is the Toyota Prius; a car that’s been given a pretty big shift in this new generation. Among the positive points highlighted his better fine tuning of the chassis, the new way of displaying the information in the central area of the dashboard, and its fuel economy. Among the negative points quoted in the rolling noise and the access to the cabin, which is now slightly more complicated because of its lower height.

This is the Top10 of the cars with greater reliability. Do you have any of these models? Do you agree with Consumer Reports?

Source – Consumer Reports