These are the 10 cars that the american consumer would purchase again

american consumers are an audience really different from the european. The vehicle sold to the other side of the pond are the Ford F-Series – with a total of nearly 800,000 units per year, there is nothing – and still walk many more kilometres per year than us. It is a country where almost a third of buyers of new cars do leasing, a long term rental with option to purchase will normally be 3 years. Forbes has published the list of the 10 cars that the american consumer would buy from again. What are they?

despite being one of the last marks in the indexes of reliability, the Land Rover are very loved by their customers.

Experian Automotive is a consultancy firm american automotive industry, which has collected data on sales and customer loyalty during the past 2015. What we offer is a list of 10 cars and 10 brands with the highest customer loyalty. It is usual that the loyalty to one brand is far superior to that of a specific model: not so many people purchase the same car after years of service. Or yes: 48.2% of the buyers of a Range Rover – which is only sold in the U.S. from 1989 to re-purchase the same model of car again.

45-anos-range-rover-180615-18loyalty to brands is a metric different, come into play many more factors than the result that has given a specific model – among other things, the values of the brand. In this sense, it is the most important metric and that more money leaves the car manufacturers. In the U.S., the brand more consumers become to acquire is Subaru. A 67.7% of the owners of a Subaru back to buy another when its life cycle comes to the end. The japanese are the ones that occupy almost the entirety of this ranking, which I’ll talk about another day.

For the moment, let’s look at what are the 10 cars (models in particular) that us consumers return to buy more frequently:

1. Range Rover: 48,2%
2. Mercedes-Benz S-Class: 46,6%
3. Lincoln MKZ: in 44.8%
4. Mercedes-Benz 2500 Sprinter Van: 44,8%
5. Nissan Leaf: 44,0%
6. RAM 1500: 42,9%
7. Lexus RX350: 42,7%
8. Hyundai Genesis: 42,5%
9. Kia Soul: 42,0%
10. Subaru Forester: 41,1%

I Suspect that several of the vehicles on this list are pasture leasing, a formula that allows consumers to forget about the maintenance of the car – included in the price usually – and allows them to change the model to 3 years. I think that is the usual case in the Hyundai Genesis, Lincoln MKZ and Nissan Leaf, especially. Yes I see purchases that are recurrent in the case of the Subaru Forester or Mercedes S-Class, with cases mixed for the rest of the car. Curious the case of a van, the Mercedes Sprinter.

mercedes-clase-s144-mdmWhat is a shame is that the statistics do not differentiate between final purchase and long-term rental with final option-to-purchase – leasing. Be that as it may, it is reasonable to think that these 10 cars are the most loved by their consumers, who do not necessarily have to be individuals, can also be companies. A “ratio of loyalty” – as they say the americans, obsessed with this type of metrics – more than 40% is still exceptionally high, and shows that these vehicles work very well for their consumers.

Source: Forbes
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