These are the 7 cars that american consumers are willing to repent of having bought

Consumer Reports is an organization of consumers american. They are known for their reviews of cars, of the most reputable in the industry. If Consumer Reports encumbra a new car, your sales will multiply. It is an association with a lot of power, which has carried out a survey to over 230,000 drivers who have purchased new car in the last three years. Want to find out what car regret of having bought. Have developed a list of seven cars that have broken the hearts of their owners. Go and read it.

The index of satisfaction of the buyer bends over many scales of purchase.

The satisfaction survey has been thorough, and the score is the result of several questions, seeking to understand why some owners are not happy with their cars. For example, inquiring into the performance of the vehicle, its ease to carry objects or your comfort. The last question is new to the survey this year: would you return to buy the car if you found yourself in the same situation then? On the segment SUV, the black sheep is hardly surprising: the couple Jeep Compass/Patriot.

Some say it is the worst car I have purchased ever, and the greatest part coincides in its low gear (for its price) and high fuel consumption. The Hyundai Veloster is the sports car less dear, only 1 out of every 2 people would buy it again. Citing a low comfort and performance are poor, even in its turbo version of the 208 BHP of power. Within minivans, the vehicle that less satisfaction has been given to their owners is the Nissan Quest, seven seats and newly renovated.

Surprising that there is only one american car in the 7 cars with the lowest satisfaction index.

in Addition to get bad grades in the crash-test, has poor visibility and its gearbox CVT not just to convince their owners. The inside of the cars premium, we find a surprise. What is the premium that has pleased their owners? The Mercedes CLA, the Mercedes cheaper sold in years in the U.S., A car that many criticize a poor insulation, a low comfort and some qualities inside improper of a Mercedes. Only 55% of their current owners they would buy again.

Nissan Altima has been the sedan with the lowest satisfaction index in the U.S. Some reviews speak of problems with his gearbox CVT and others criticize the comfort of their seats. In general, it is a car that inspires very few emotions, and is 14 points below the next vehicle in satisfaction. All in all, no one complains about its fuel consumption or board space, the best in the segment. It is clear that many customers should read testing of cars before making a purchase decision.

The Kia Rio is the one that takes the worst note after three years at the property. Only 4 out of 10 will buy it again.

Another vehicle with that few consumers are satisfied is the Nissan Frontier, known as Nissan Navara in these parts. A vehicle with many years in the market, the complaints focus on a high consumption of fuel, in addition to a turning radius too high. However, their off-road skills are the most appreciated in the segment. And now is the time to get to know the car the less satisfactory, that only 4 out of every 10 current owners would purchase if I had to take the decision of buying new.

Is the Kia Rio, a subcompact five-door very simple. In the U.S. it is one of the smaller cars on sale, and thus their criticisms are focused on the space. There is also no good words for your consumption of fuel or on-board comfort, seriously flawed according to many. Do you agree with these decisions? Although the u.s. market is very different from the Spanish, some cars are shared, and allow us to make us to the idea of what they value the most american consumers.

Source: Consumer Reports
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