These are the best (and most reliable) 10 cars currently on sale, according to Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports is an association of consumers u.s., the best-known and most influential of the country. Often do reviews of new cars identify the models more insurance to the sale and carry out extensive studies on mechanical reliability. They are an agency respected, whose conclusions are not taken lightly in the industry. Just a few weeks ago, have published its ranking of best cars in 2016, sorted by categories. What cars are buying more recommended in the U.S. according to Consumer Reports?

so perhaps not surprisingly, 8 of the 10 “Top Picks” of Consumer Reports are cars of asian origin.

Not all cars can be in the podium of honor. To begin with, had to take out a note very superior to the average, or lead the table, in the driving tests Consumer Reports – known for their thoroughness. In the second place, they must have the reliability higher than the average in its segment, estimated on the basis of a survey of up to 740.000 owners carried out in 2015. Must be safe at all levels, and their current owners must answer “yes”, when asked if they would buy again.

small Cars: Honda Fit

consumer-reports-top-picks-2016-3Keys to good note: spacious interior, and good fuel consumption. A ride that thrills and gives no feeling of cheap car, although its suspension and comfort is not the best on long trips. Reliability correct and good safety equipment as standard. High satisfaction of owners.

compact Cars: Subaru Impreza

consumer-reports-top-picks-2016-8Keys to good note: the Subaru Impreza gets a good note in terms of reliability, and the awd system permanent is also a key of success, being recommended for any condition. Consumer Reports praises its practicality and comfort, as well as its good results in the event of an accident.

Cars midsize: Toyota Camry

consumer-reports-top-picks-2016-9Keys to good note: although the definition materialized from the “appliance of transport”, the Toyota Camry is a car high quality-price ratio, exceptional reliability and ease of use. The standard car is practical and comfortable, and winner of their normal category in the “Top Pick” by Consumer Reports.

compact SUV: Subaru Forester

consumer-reports-top-picks-2016-7Keys to good note: an old acquaintance, who continues to stand by his system of all-wheel drive, versatility and space on board. Beats by not disappoint in any key aspect, serving in safety, technology and comfort. Subaru gets nothing less than two “Top Pick” in 2016, and is winning regular awards for Consumer Reports.

luxury SUV: Lexus RX

consumer-reports-top-picks-2016-5Keys to good note: for a start, a reliability unsurpassed in its segment. Consumer Reports praises his design more risky, with a calender “locomotive” as a strong sign of identity. Full of technology and excellent consumption in its hybrid version, the premium comfort of a sports behavior, the better their rivals.

Sporting less than $ 40,000: Mazda MX-5

consumer-reports-top-picks-2016-6Keys to good note: do something to add to the Mazda MX-5? We have tested, we compared it with his grandfather, and we agree with Consumer Reports in praise of the simplicity, the purity of its dynamics and its price, contents – in relation to the fun that is able to provide to their driver. A low energy consumption also help.

large Car: Chevrolet Impala

consumer-reports-top-picks-2016-1Keys to good note: one of only two american cars on the list, which, although not highlighted in consumption or estimated reliability, pulls more than a remarkable comfort on board and available space. It is an ideal car for long trips, with a dynamic that is much improved over its predecessor. An excellent car, according to Consumer Reports.

mid-size SUV: Kia Sorento

consumer-reports-top-picks-2016-4Keys to good note: despite its discreet appearance and origin Korean Consumer Reports to match the new Kia Sorento to a hidden gem in the full light of day. Its V6 engine is efficient, it is a car that pampers its occupants, and its reliability is above average for the segment. In addition, its price is very competitive.

Pick-up: Ford F-150

consumer-reports-top-picks-2016-2Keys to good note: is the best selling car in America for the past 35 years, and for 2015 has been renewed with a range of engines very efficient, without sacrificing load capacity. Consumer Reports also praises his system SYNC3 infotainment, as well as its lightness, thanks to its new aluminum body.

Minivan: Toyota Sienna

consumer-reports-top-picks-2016-10Keys to good note: even though it is not the type of vehicle more attractive a priori, can carry 8 people, it is extremely practical and has all-wheel drive is optional. The best reliability of its segment and an excellent infotainment system have convinced the Consumer Reports, as well as its volume available for baggage.

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