These are the breakdowns that can lead to by pass the bumps too fast

Our cities are full of speed humps and bumps. In some cities, their presence comes to the point of being ubiquitous, in other we are more fortunate. These guards lying can cause malfunctions in our car if we went too fast, and there will only be one culprit: us. Yes, some are too aggressive and others may have a height that is excessive, but you control the way in which the raisins. We tell you what can happen to your car and what faults can cause if you go with too much of a hurry above.

In your tyres, bumps and cuts that you will need to replace

A damaged tire cannot be repaired: the only solution is to change it, with an associated cost considerable.

There are many types of bumps, some of them are soft, others very narrow, almost comparable to a curb, thrown in the middle of the road. Others are damaged and even have sharp edges. The only element of your car in constant contact with the ground is the tire. If you go too fast over one of these guards lying, the structure of your tire could be deformed, in the same way that when you receive a bordillazo or leave it parked “pinched” with the sidewalk. The mechanical stress of the tire is maximum.


Passing a ledge at full speed is comparable to passing a curb at speed similar to what you would never do the second, right? The tire can develop bumps and even cuts in the tread or sidewalls. A tire with bulges or cuts is a tire whose integrity has been altered. It is a tire that might burst at the wrong time. For example driving on highway to 120 km/h: in a sharp curve, could make you lose control of the car and have a serious accident.

Acortarás very significantly the life of your shock absorbers

aggressive driving on speed humps and bumps can be shorten by 50% the life of your shock absorbers.

The suspension system of a car is ignored by many drivers, but it depends on your security directly. A car with a suspension in bad condition can make you lose the control to a halt strong or sudden maneuvers result of a hit and miss affair. The shock absorbers of a car can last – on average, depends on the weight of the car and its use – some 60,000 miles in good condition. If you live in a city full of speed bumps, and not the raisins to an appropriate speed, could last you half.


The shock absorbers are those that absorb the impacts of the wheels, dissipating your energy, for that is not passed on to the occupants of the car or to the chassis. A shock absorber of conventional oil in its interior, which is responsible to dissipate the energy of the bumps. This fluid is deteriorating with the passage of the kilometers, and the shock absorber loses its effectiveness, necessitating its replacement. A shock absorber in a poor state is a recipe for disaster, in addition to dangerous, will prevent you from passing the ITV with success.

you Can give to the fret with the tuning of your car

All of these tips are also applicable to areas that are bumpy or with asphalt in poor condition.

The implementation of various elements of your car you can easily go to hell because of spend bumps faster of the account. For example, tire balancing. Those little weights could jump out of the wheel, and notaries vibrations uncomfortable in the direction of the car, especially from a certain speed. you can Also alter the alignment or parallel – the car, in the final analysis, the geometry of the steering and axles. This can cause an uneven wear of the tires, without going any further.


An alignment improper will cause the car to move to the side of the road, for example, and have to be constantly making corrections to the steering. Abnormal wear of the tires can leave them shattered in just a few thousand miles. A tire with a abnormal wear perceptible is a tyre that, again, there are that replace. Fortunately, an operation of balancing of wheels, or of parallel is easy, and just takes a few minutes in any workshop of mechanics fast.

‘ll welcome all kinds of gaps in chassis and interior

The tire lost its pressure to a higher rate if you go too fast the ledge.

These potholes, strong, and repetitive will little by little creating gaps in different components of your car. For example, the bearings of the suspension arms. Also the silentblocks engine – their anchors – resent most of the account. It is, in short, an accelerated wear of the car, which you will also notice in the interior. The dashboard may develop cracks, just as other panels plastic on the inside of the car. You will have a feeling of “old car” sooner than you think.


The solution is to be patient

And the solution is very simple. Passes the ledge, the guards felled and speed humps at a low speed. The more aggressive the obstacle, the more slowly you have to pull it. Do you have to practically stop? No problem, better to spend a little more fuel than reduce the life of the components of your car so absurd. It may be that some driver will finish in a hurry, without knowing that, indirectly, you’re playing in favor of the mechanics of your car. Be patient, be moderate and your car will thank you greatly.

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