These are the cars of the politicians in Spain

Prueba Fiat 500 TwinAir 105 CV

¿What Spanish political has a Fiat 500?

policy is lately in the focus of all the media in Spain. But in Actuality the Engine more than the political landscape, national, matter to us vehicles are the leaders of our country. Thanks to the car finder second-hand, Mitula, we can know something more of this topic, as have conducted a study with the automobiles possessed by some politicians.

it Is noteworthy that in general the cars you’ll see on this list are quite stark, nothing which could not be a citizen. range cars mean colará any vehicle more luxurious. We’ll also see the taste of some politicians on the bikes. But not all of it will be conventional vehicles, since in the list you will find a boat and up to a tractor.

People’s Party

Fiat Punto 2011

Fiat Punto as that of María Dolores of Cospedal

we Begin by the party that currently has more weight in the Congress. Until it forms a new government Mariano Rajoy is the president-in-office. Surprisingly Rajoy does not have any vehicle registered to your name. This is surely due to the representative of the PP normally uses the coach official to cover their movements.

For his part, the Secretary General of the Popular Party, María Dolores de Cospedal, if you have a private car. It is a Fiat Punto of the year 2011, which according to Mitula reached a price of 6.101 euros in the second hand market. Rafael Catalá, minister of Justice, has a Volkswagen Touareg 2005 valued at 11.495 euros, while the minister of Employment, Fátima Báñez, has a Mercedes A-Class, 2010 that would have a price of 11,000 euros.

One of the vehicles most spectacular of the list (and not by price or performance) is the tractor Miguel Barrachina. The castellón-based in addition to devote himself to a political career is also a farmer part-time and therefore has a Massey Fergusson, 2013 in your garage. It also surprised the deputy tenerife, Pablo Matos, who has in his possession the 25% of a boat of 10,20 m of length.


Peugeot 407 2005

Peugeot 407 as Pedro Sanchez

In the Socialist Party, the leader Pedro Sanchez yes we will have a car in your name. But nothing of luxuries, it is a Peugeot 407 year 2005, reviewed in 4.592 euros. The which will highlight the PSOE will be Rafael Simancas, who has his name three cars: a SEAT Leon, SEAT Ibiza, and a Volvo V50. Also with three vehicles we have Juan Jimenez, the deputy of almeria enjoys a Audi A4 2009, a SEAT Ibiza and a motorcycle Suzuki. Closes the list the current Congress president, Patxi Lopez, who has a Fiat 500.


The number 1 Citizen, Albert Rivera, is most fond of two wheels to four. Among his possessions we found a Yamaha FZ1 2009. In addition to the motorcycle also has a Volkswagen Golf of the year 2012, which has a value of 13,500 euros. Jose Ignacio Prendes, a congressman in Asturias has two cars, a Audi A4 Avant TDI 2013 and a Mazda 2 2008 that it would cost around 4,000 euros.

we Can

Prueba smart forfour automático

Smart ForFour as that of Tania Sanchez

We will be one of the matches with less vehicles in possession. The leader, Pablo Iglesias, lacks drive and has a bike of unknown model. For his part, Iñigo Errejón enjoys a austere Peugeot 205, while Tania Sanchéz has a Smart ForFour 2014, valued at eur 10,000 and a motorcycle Piaggio of the same year.

To finish we have to emphasize that the deputies from this legislature will not have access to official car with a driver. This privilege will be relegated only to Patxi López, president of the chamber. Therefore, it is possible that we may see more politicians using their private vehicles or on the contrary using the public transport.


Range Rover Sport 2015

Range Rover Sport as that of José Ramón Bouza

Although they are less known to us, the politicians who occupy a seat in the Senate have also declared their possessions. Here will highlight José Ramón Bouza. The former president of the Balearic Islands has a Range Rover Sport 2015 valued at almost € 100,000. There will also be boats on this list, as Xavier García Albiol (PP) has a Sailboat Bavaria, in addition to a Toyota Auris 2015.

Joan Lermá (PSOE) also has a Sailboat Dofour 365, in addition to an Opel Vectra 2003 and Opel Mokka 2014. We ended up talking about Juan José Lucas Giménez, since the ex-president of the Senate has a garage of the most curious. Among their vehicles are a Suzuki Motocross 125 CC, a SEAT 600 D 1969 and a Volkswagen Polo United 1.4, 2010.

Source – Mitula