These are the changes in the interior of the new Skoda Octavia 2017

Interior del Skoda Octavia 2017The Skoda Octavia has become a best-selling. No longer is that berlina economic of the Volkswagen group as view inside the world of a taxi. In recent years, and especially with its third generation, this model has made a huge leap in terms of quality is concerned, while keeping its high amplitude and its solutions are known as “Simply Clever”.

few weeks Ago we met the first pictures and data of the Skoda Octavia 2017 that will hit the market in just a few months, but the brand has become the burden by showing new images and more information, especially related to the cockpit and its equipment. We will discover the changes that you receive in the interior after this face wash for 2017.

Interior del Skoda Octavia 2017In general, we find with a dashboard and a provision of commands very German-style, with a new design and horizontal. Everything is in its place and at hand; simple and very functional. The details of the dashboard, the typical inserts have been changed, and especially the most elegant in the finish more high-end. The dashboard continues to maintain his philosophy, although it also receives some minor changes in their graphics to put it to the day.

One of the major changes in the cabin is his touch screen of the center console. Depending on the trim level incorporates a few functions or other but, in general, have improved the sensitivity of the display itself and also in the finishes higher) have a new crystal of a higher quality. If we choose the system top navigation Columbus, we offer WiFi connection and the screen will go from 8 to 9,2 inches of size.

Interior del Skoda Octavia 2017on the other hand find new upholstery. In the finish Ambition, combines the colors black and brown. Meanwhile, in the variants Style and Laurin & Klement, appears lighting environment of serial and configurable with 10 colors different, to choose from depending on our preferences or our state of mind.

Continuing with the novelties of the Skoda Octavia 2017, it includes the possibility of having steering wheel, heated and three keys custom thanks to the package of comfort, so that when we open the car with any of the keys custom all the settings are placed in function of the configuration that we have kept for this key in particular, readjusting the position of the driver’s seat, the profile of the driving assistance systems, the lighting and the infotainment system.

Interior del Skoda Octavia 2017Among the solutions “Simply Clever” that always draws a chest in the company of the Czech Republic, the Skoda Octavia 2017 features a handy flashlight in the trunk that is fixed by a magnet, and a small folding tables placed in the back of the front seats. Another of them is the charging system for our mobile by induction, without cables, something that we have already seen in vehicles such as the Toyota Prius.

trunk of the Skoda Octavia cubic 590 liters, a figure more than generous in this segment. For its part, the variant family Octavia Combi, add 20 litres more than the sedan to get to the 610, and optionally can have electric opening of the gate.

Interior del Skoda Octavia 2017

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