These are the dizzying performance of the Ford GT 2017

Ford GT producción

The Ford GT 2017 is the model supercar of the american brand. The blue oval have drawn the original design this new model after half a century. In this way, the Ford GT was presented in 2015 and, in a few weeks, he had already picked up no less 6,500 requests of booking for 500 units which are produced in a principle, although subsequently expanded the number of production up to the thousand of units.

The version of competition has already made his debut in the appointment of Le Mans, where it did nothing wrong and, by the end of 2016 Ford, proud, pulled out of the production line in the plant of Multimatic in Canada, the first unit of its model supercar. In principle, up to 2018 will be delivered 500 units; subsequently it opens a new application period and the other 500 remaining will continue to be manufactured until the year 2020.

Ford GT producción

Despite knowing all these details, the american brand blue oval he had not wanted to reveal much of the dynamic data of the Ford GT. Yes we knew that you would use for propulsion engine V6 EcoBoost twin turbo 3500 cc, but we did not know the benefits that this mechanic would be able to achieve in the bodywork of the Ford GT 2017. Today we can already say that this car will 655 HP and a torque of 745 Nm to 5900 rpm, to be available approximately 90 % of the maximum torque at 3,500 rpm. Its top speed will be about 340 km/h.

Say from Ford that its supercar has been developed and optimized to achieve a high performance on the track. According to them, during the test implementation was able to outperform models that are as dynamic as the McLaren 675LT or the same Ferrari 458 Speciale in the track canadian Calabogie Motorsports Park in Ontario.

Cuadro de instrumentos Ford GT

Ford GT would have stopped the clock in 2:09:8, while the McLaren and the Ferrari would have made him in 2:10:8 and 2:12:9 respectively. Of course, behind the development of this model have been Dave Pericak, global director of Ford Performance, and Raj Nair, executive vice president of Ford, product developer and global technical director of the brand.