These are the eight cars of gasoline with a greater autonomy of the market

Prueba Skoda Superb Combi 2.0 TDI 150 CV DSGIf you’re thinking about buy a car and for reasons of taste or any other reason you prefer to be gasoline, we have developed a list of eight current vehicle from gasoline to offer, on paper, a greater autonomy. With these cars, according to his figures have been officially approved, you will visit very little to your friend, “gasolinero”, and can travel more than 1,300 kilometers without stopping to refuel.

we Already know that the consumption approved are not very reliable, but it is also true that the gasoline vehicles have improved, and much, in the matter of consumption (real) of fuel. This increased efficiency of the thrusters, aerodynamic and silhouettes very elegant, in addition to fuel tanks of great capacity, awarded to the eight models that we have picked up an autonomy which until very recently was unthinkable even in vehicles of diesel.

Skoda Superb, the 1.4 TSI 150

Interior premium Pero un buen viaje no puede realizarse sin los instrumentos necesarios. Y lo que se ha pretendido en esta nueva generación es acercarse un poco más a esas berlinas y familiares más premium. Estamos de acuerdo en que no es el planteamiento de la marca, ni busca adaptarlo, pero en este vehículo encontraremos aspectos a una altura superior a la esperada. Para ver uno de los elementos diferenciales tendremos que esperar a que caiga la noche. Es entonces cuando la iluminación ambiental entra en juego. Una fina línea recorre el habitáculo iluminando en el característico color verde de la marca. Posteriormente podremos cambiar el color y la intensidad, pero desde luego es un detalle de los que te ganan. La luz blanca tanto del interior como del cuadro de relojes también remarcan su carácter. Desde las plazas traseras visualizamos otro de los detalles: un mando de la climatización enclavado entre ambos asientos. Esto significa que el Superb tiene un climatizador de tres zonas y que la trasera podrá funcionar independientemente de la delantera. Como uno de los objetivos es la comodidad de los pasajeros, tanto los asientos delanteros como los traseros serán calefactables. Además los delanteros contarán con la ventaja de se regulables eléctricamente. Nuestra unidad contaba con un suculento repertorio de extras y el sistema Kessy permitirá el arranque y apagado del motor sin llaves, mediante el botón situado en la zona de la columna de dirección. Los plásticos del salpicadero son de buena calidad y tienen un tacto agradable.The car that has a higher autonomy, in its variant of gasoline, of all the currently commercialized in the market is the Skoda Superb. Your fuel tank and 66-litre is not the largest of this listing; it is the vehicle that least, you will visit the gas station on its own merits. With its motorization of gasoline more efficient, the 1.4 TSI of 150 hp, approves an average consumption of just 4.9 liters per 100 km. In this way, according to the type-approval can go a total of 1.346 km without visiting a gas station. Not bad for a big saloon 1.300 kilos.

Mercedes C Class, C 180

Mercedes Clase CWith 100 more pounds of weight, and 0.1 more liters of mixed-use approved regarding the Skoda Superb, Mercedes C Class, C 180 and bodywork four-door,the s is placed as the second best ranked. Account with the same capacity of 66 litres in the tank of fuel, and a combined fuel consumption of 5 litres, the saloon of the signature of the star offers a range of theoretical 1.320 km. A figure almost identical to the model of the Czech republic. In this variant, the maximum power is 156 hp and the power of your engine tetracilíndrico is sent to the rear axle.

Opel Insignia 1.4 Turbo

Opel InsigniaIn the third step of the podium appears a new German vehicle, in this case, the car firm Opel. This is the Opel Insignia, which in its variant 1.4 Turbo with 140 hp gets a consumption approved of 5,5 liter. The difference is remarkable compared to the two previous models, but the 70 litres capacity of fuel is noted and, therefore, possible to obtain a range of theoretical to 1,272 km in a mixed use. Were it not for its high weight of over 1,500 pounds, it surely would have been able to be touching the lead.

Volkswagen Passat, 1.4 TSI 125

Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDIThe first classified from those that are outside of the podium uses the same engine as the victor, but in a variant with less power, the 1.4 TSI of 125 cv. Surprise that the Volkswagen Passat get a worst result than the Skoda Superb still remains a car something more compact with the same capacity of tank and 66-litre and 25 hp less. The consumption approved of the sedan of Volkswagen is 5.3 liters and, therefore, its autonomy, its maximum is located in the 1.245 km; which isn’t bad.

Peugeot 508, 1.6 THP

Prueba Peugeot 508 2.0 BlueHDi 150 CVin The fifth place is for the great saloon of the French brand of the lion, the Peugeot 508, and its motorization 1.6 THP that makes 165 hp. In comparison with their rivals, their data 5.8 l/100 km may seem somewhat high, but it is also true that it is the second highest number of power of this entire list. Play very in its favor the deposit of 72 liters, the biggest of them all, which gives the possibility of performing 1.241 km without refuelling; only 4 miles less than the Volkswagen Passat.

Ford Mondeo, EcoBoost 125

prueba-ford-mondeo-ecoboost-160cv-automatico-81The EcoBoost engine of one liter and three cylinders, for several years being awarded as the best founder of the year in its category. This is precisely the mechanic that assembles the Ford Mondeo in its version of gasoline less potent. Your log of consumption is only 5,1 litres, so that ranks as one of the best of this list; while the size of your deposit is just 62 litres, placing it as the second “by the tail” in this aspect. In total, it is able to traverse theoretically 1.215 km without visiting a gas station.

Volvo S60, T4

prueba-volvo-s60-d4-181cv-3The sedan Volvo S60, version T4, becomes the most powerful model of this compilation with no less than 190 hp. In addition, it is also the most heavy with 1,550 pounds approximately. However, your figure approved doesn’t fire as one might expect, recording a data on mixed use of 5.6 l/100 km. On the other hand, its fuel tank is 68 liters. The combination of these data gives us a range of 1.214 km; only a mile less than the Ford Mondeo.

BMW 3 Series, 318i auto

BMW Serie 3The last place in the TOP8 we have collected is, unfairly, for the BMW 318i with automatic transmission. And we say unfairly because penalised to have the smaller deposit, with 60 litres. According to the test of approval, the BMW 3 Series of 136 hp with automatic change-you need only 5 litres to travel 100 km, adding one more tenth in your variant manual. This way, if you have a BMW 318i automatic, on paper you could go through 1,200 km without a visit to your friend, “gasolinero”.