These are the most common infringements in transport vehicles, will not be because of pressure from their companies?

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on our roads and urban roads passing thousands and thousands of vehicles for material transport such as trucks and vans. For seven days the General Directorate of Traffic has made various checks on both the vehicles themselves as drivers in a special campaign. 67.090 controls of the Civil Guard have been reported nothing less than 8.995 for failing to comply with any one (or several) of the points of the regulations and, in addition, 223 vehicles were immobilized by some or other reasons.

Says the DGT, in its press release regarding the special campaign carried out on these vehicles the complaints many have had to do with the excessive hours of driving and those related to the tachograph. This assertion has led us to ask ourselves if these numerous complaints, 1.963 specifically, are the fault of the driver or if have to view by the pressures of timeliness coming from the high charges of the companies.

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Of those 1.963 complaints, 1.562 were due to not respecting driving times, and breaks, which can be found in the Regulation EC 561/2006. On the other hand, 1.725 drivers have been disciplined for circulating at a higher speed to the established maximum. What has no justification neither in the XXI century is that 434 drivers have been reported by do not make use of the belt security and others 116 have received sanctions for driving under the effects of alcohol and/or narcotic substances.

it Is well known by all that the excessive hours at the wheel cause fatigue and, therefore, reduces our capabilities of driving, but we would like to know if that excess hours in the driving and excess of speed are the fault of the driver or if it has to do with the company for which the driver works. Could it be that to save the salary of another worker require a driver to perform more hours than the regulations? By meeting delivery times, do not there will be pressure on the drivers? Do you circulate all of these transport vehicles always in optimal conditions?

Source – DGT