These are the SUVs and crossovers sold in Mexico during February

One of the segments that are most fashionable in Mexico is the the crossovers. The arrival of new models is enabling the market, something that is demonstrated with the results obtained in the past month of February.

rogueDince makes many SUVs and crossovers have enjoyed good sales in Mexico but with the addition of more advanced vehicles, luxurious and equipped, are eclipsing even the cars traditional. To give you an idea of its importance, six models exceeded a thousand units in a single month while twelve were well above the 500.

the introduction of The Nissan X-Trail in Mexico has been key to the japanese firm and already mastered it comfortably to the category, a fact that the guys from Honda will not like. However, this last played with the advantage of having in its range of two super sales, CR-V and HR-V.


  1. Nissan X-Trail 2.403
  2. Chevrolet Trax 1.748
  3. Honda CR-V is 1,533
  4. Honda HR-V to 1,296
  5. Kia Sportage 1.208
  6. Mazda CX-5 1.029
  7. Toyota RAV4 900
  8. Renault Duster 711
  9. Hyundai Tucson 700
  10. Ford Escape 636
  11. Kia Sorento 602
  12. Chevrolet Equinox 581
  13. Jeep Grand Cherokee 436
  14. Suzuki Grand Vitara 385
  15. Mazda CX-3 372
  16. Ford EcoSport 367
  17. Toyota Highlander 358
  18. VW Tiguan 330
  19. Honda Pilot 288
  20. Ford Explorer 286
  21. Jeep Wrangler 278
  22. Chevrolet Suburban 246
  23. Nissan Pathfinder 232
  24. Jeep Patriot 225
  25. BMW X3 220
  26. Mercedes GLE/ML 218
  27. Mitsubishi Outlander 214
  28. Jeep Cherokee 202
  29. Audi Q5 188
  30. Audi Q3 170
  31. BMW X1 160
  32. Buick Encore 152
  33. GMC Terrain 146
  34. Mercedes GLC/GLK 141
  35. Jeep Compass 129
  36. Ford Edge 121
  37. Suzuki S-Cross 111
  38. Chevrolet Tahoe 99
  39. GMC Acadia 97
  40. Nissan Juke 94

Another vehicle who upon arrival has been embraced by the users is the Kia Sportage, surpassing the Hyundai Tucson with which it shares many elements. The Renault Duster, during a time of high demand, has lost some relevance due to the fault of rivals more complete and interesting.

Hyundai-Tucson-3Mazda has the CX-3 another example of a super-sales, but still is far from the first positions. The Fiat 500X that does not appear in the ranking should be improving little by little. In February, it was formed with only 48 units, a low figure. The Jeep Renegade is not available in Mexico but in the second half of the year should be in the dealers.