These are the three important and main new features of the Mazda6 2017

Mazda6 2017 quantum leap that Mazda has received in recent years is worthy of admiration, and best of all, is that not only have received the larger models of the brand, but has also come to the smaller as the last generation of the Mazda2 and the new SUV CX-3. Both speak of visual quality, with some designs very accomplished and attractive, and of quality in terms of materials used as well as engines.

The japanese company is not satisfied, and in the recent update of the Mazda6 for the year 2017 seems not to have changed nothing in what the eye is able to appreciate. However, the most interesting thing is that the changes are not visual, but is hidden under the body. They come from the hand of the system G-Vectoring that we will detail a few lines below, update of thrusters that continue to resist downsizing and new safety systems and driving assistance.

G-Vectoring Control

Mazda6 2017This system is provided as standard equipment available in the Mazda6 2017, and also his little brother the Mazda3. The aim of the GVC is to improve the comfort in curve and facilitate the rotation both the vehicle, and the driver himself. This is achieved thanks to the fact that it is able to send a lightweight top-loading to the wheels that need it most at every moment. And how does he do? by Adjusting the engine torque that reaches the wheels during the retentions and accelerations.

When we are in our tourism and we stop accelerating, it produces a deceleration, which produces a transferring weights to the front axle, which is the y-axis direction. Using this torque control, Mazda has managed to slightly increase the retention so that the front wheels have a (slightly) higher load, but only when we initiate the swing, so that will improve your ability to grip to the entrance of the curves and increases safety. On the other hand, the difference in retention is so minimal that, even if increases the ability of grip of the front end, does not come to be noticeable by the driver and to the occupants.

To undo the turn and re-accelerate it happens the other way, as the GVC overrides its function and, therefore, gives a higher weight to the back train and prevents the loss of traction of the rear axle. Mazda says this system adapts to any situation, whether high speeds or slow, or with rain or ice. A good way to slightly increase the understeer of the car.


Mazda6 2017As we said at the beginning of this article, Mazda still staying away from the downsizing offering engines of displacements much higher than usual today. Although it might seem otherwise, their consumption levels are not high, even more if we take into account that in the case of the Mazda6 we speak of displacements of between 2 and 2.5 litres in a saloon of almost 4.9 metres. One of your wild cards is their low weight.

as there are no cosmetic changes to the bodywork of this new update, there is also no improvement in the figures of power of the four engines that until now were available in the range Mazda6. In diesel still offering Skyactiv-D block 2.2-liter versions of 150 and 175 horsepower, while the variants petrol Skyactiv-G is offered with a 2-liter 145 and a 2.5-192 hp; with a high compression ratio of 14:1.

In the case of the versions diesel, Mazda has worked hard to reduce the sound typical of this type of mechanics, as well as their vibrations. By means of a bolt specific for the pistons to suppress much of the noise in the frequency band close to 3.5 KHz. This technique has been dubbed as Natural Sound Smoother and already introduced in the new engine 1.5 diesel used by the Mazda3. On the other hand is the Natural Sound Frequency Control, that by means of a brief post injection of fuel cancel out the sound waves and the vibrations produced during the combustion of the engine.

in Addition, have improved the control of the supercharging in the diesel engine in the Mazda6. The japanese company ensures that the injection system can now make more accurate settings, something that note-in situations driving with low load during city driving and strong acceleration such as overtaking or lane acceleration. In any case, the acceleration remains smooth and linear.

Improvements in the active safety

Mazda6 2017in Addition to the two major sections described above, we can not forget the most essential of all, the security. Mazda groups all of their systems within the term i-Activsense, and has led to improvements in three of its systems thanks to a new camera located in the front.

system of assistance to the braking of the city now presents a new version that will to run from 4 to 80 km/h, while before only met with their function up to 30 km/h. In addition, it now features pedestrian detection, a thing that before was not able to do. In case of detecting the possibility of a blow-by-range, or an outrage, activates the brakes and stops the vehicle, by avoiding or reducing the consequences of the accident.

on the other hand we have the system of emergency braking, which ran from 15 to 145 km/h and it is doing so at speeds of up to 160 km/h. By means of the sensors detects if the vehicles that precede it, it produces a braking action that reduces dangerously the safety distance. In that case, activates an audible alert and executes a braking automatically if the driver fails to react.

The new camera also works as a detector of traffic signs, informing the driver and projecting it onto the head-up display of speed limits and the signs of no trespassing.

Apart, and although I do not have anything to do with the new camera, it is important to note that in the case of collision, the hinges of the bonnet give, reducing the force with which the pedestrian head would hit the hood. In this way, the injuries of the pedestrian struck can be reduced significantly.

Prices of the Mazda6 in Spain

Mazda6 2017

Engine Change Finish Price
Engine Change Finish Price
2.0 Skyactive-G 145 HP Manual 6v Style 27.975 €
2.0 Skyactive-G 145 HP Manual 6v Style+ 29.675 €
2.5 Skyactive-G 192 HP AT 6v Luxury Premium 37.095 €
2.2 Skyactive-D 150 CV Manual 6v Style 30.175 €
2.2 Skyactive-D 150 CV AT 6v Style 32.175 €
2.2 Skyactive-D 150 CV Manual 6v Style+ 31.925 €
2.2 Skyactive-D 150 CV AT 6v Style+ 33.925 €
2.2 Skyactive-D 150 CV AT 6v Luxury 36.075 €
2.2 Skyactive-D 175 HP Manual 6v Luxury 34.445 €
2.2 Skyactive-D 150 CV AT 6v Luxury Premium 37.825 €
2.2 Skyactive-D 175 HP Manual 6v Luxury Premium 36.745 €
2.2 Skyactive-D 175 HP AT 6v Luxury Premium 40.135 €

Price without promotions of the brand. The versions of the body sedan and family are the same price.

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