These are the weak points of road safety in young people


The passengers are usually not aware that we should not distract the driver. Is more, the driver doesn’t even have to look you in the eyes when speaking with them

There are things that can be understood in older people, which has not had the opportunity to be well-formed, but that does not make sense when it comes to young people. It is assumed that now we have all the information, and if this were to be assimilated properly, victims of human trafficking more young people could be reduced dramatically

The possibility of dying in an accident as a young man is the double of the high end of normal

it is True that this segment of the population is not benefited by a high level of experience, but has some excellent psychophysical conditions. Very useful to have that natural advantage if it is null and void with distractions, alcohol or drugs. Add to that a touch of unconsciousness, and we will have a prepared cocktail of misfortunes.

The French philosopher Jean-François Revel described the death of the young as a suicide to the square. It is not only the loss of the individual, but also all the resources -of any type – employees in their education and growth, and the consideration of all that has not come to make in life. In addition, it is a question not less, in developed countries, young people are not precisely an asset surplus.


Any reckless behavior is exacerbated when combined with excess speed

We have data from a survey that Ford conducted 6.500 young europeans to evaluate the perception on the road safety of this group. The data are especially worrying, especially if we take into account that these actions have been made conducting, at least once:

  • 57% exceeded speed limits
  • 54% was distracted with pedestrian attractions
  • 43% have sent text messages
  • 36% have answered the phone without a hands-free
  • The 25% has taken a selfi (2014)
  • The 16% has not fastened the safety belt
  • The 11% has seen the videos on mobile
  • 13% had driven after drinking alcohol

do Not have to incidamos in the severity of those behaviors. We talked about people that has been formed recently to get your driving licence, and to whom it has been explained to you why you should not do anything of the above. Not only is that not permitted, is that it is very dangerous. Yes, 93% declared to have good skills behind the wheel, and 54% admit to not always driving safely. The guys are more dangerous than the girls, but in adult life the same thing happens. They have less tendency to take risks.

NOTE: we do not Yet have data, so recent phenomenon, of those who admit to having caught a pokémon while driving.


The ideal is a early formation. In the Uk there is a driving school specializing in underage, Young Driver, whose students will be much better drivers and more cautious

But there are other data that explain many of the misfortunes that occur with the youth, is also related to the trivialization of risk. As passengers, 25% considered acceptable up to the car of someone who has been drinking. One of every five traveling in a car that was stopped by the police, and almost one out of every four has already been in an accident. That collides with the 41% who believe that the risks behind the wheel are acceptable at times. In head there is the temptation to carry more passengers than allowed, the 45% seems reasonable.

Within the summer, the most critical moments of the festivals and festivals

In the same way that an adult tends to drive much better when there are police units at the view, young people are more inclined in a 57% drive more responsible when they are accompanied by greater family, such as parents or grandparents. Hence, the Ford brand has released a video to laugh at that was advertised by a safety device, the “Instadulto”, to encourage young people to be more responsible. Its version for adult drivers could be the “Instaguardiacivil”. It is the same.

In contrast, when the young people share car with your friends, partner or colleagues, they tend to drive worse, that says 41%. According to data from the IIHS nortemericano, the greater part of the accidents the drivers are less experienced have occurred with the car full of occupants. It may be that the driver wants to give a “lesson in flying”, or that the passengers will have an impact to drive more irresponsible, or that it’s something to set, as recorded a video selfi while singing a song. Examples of stupidity and collective Youtube to kick.

Is also Ford, the manufacturer that has been in advance of the other, and offers for some of their models a system that makes it difficult to reckless driving with a special key, the system MyKey. For example, you can limit the volume of the stereo, the reserve jumps with less miles or the maximum speed is limited electronically. The origin of the system is the united States, there you can drive from 16 years of age, but the age of majority is obtained with 21.

The solution is not to treat young people as children, but have a bearing on training and driver education

Ford plays their part with the course of driving “Drive your life”, funded by the mark and free for attendees up to 24 years. We can expect that the cars will drive alone to force the reduction of this bleeding, or that every actor in society to assume its role and think of what you can do to contain the problem associated with so many hormones that are still fired after puberty.

If those young people give for acceptable many risk behaviors, when they are older, if they have not had a bad experience, will become lousy drivers. It is precisely when a driver is young the time to establish good habits and eliminate bad habits. If to this is added the biological advantage that gives the youth, things would be very different. Between 2004 and 2013 have been posted and 62,000 who died young on the european roads, an irreparable loss and a sample of the failure of society as a whole.