These are the wheels of carbon fiber for the BMW M4 GTS


The BMW M4 more radical will have as an option, equip wheels carbon fiber. The BMW M4 GTS is a sporty 500 HP very unique, among other features that make it unique, such as its eye-catching headlamps OLED or the injection of water, add to your list to be one of the few vehicles that exist with the capacity to mount this kind of wheels.

The reduction of weight is the least of their benefits

The debut of BMW 4 Series will have as an option to equip rims in the design of the seven rays made in aluminum and polymers reinforced with carbon fiber (CFRP) to the view, instead of the eye-catching wheels up to 20 inches multiradio orange.

Equip these tires make the total weight of the set is reduced in seven pounds but this is not its main feature, leading we will notice their benefits. These tires reduce the unsprung masses and rotating what that gives the sport a dynamic behavior excellent, improves acceleration and braking, and reduces vibration.

will fit tires Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2, specially modified for better performance in the BMW M4 GTS. Its measures are 265/35 ZR19 in front and 285/30 ZR20 behind.

BMW announces the rims but do not talk about the price that will equip. As already announced some time ago, currently the 700 planned units of the BMW M4 GTS are already sold so if you’re not one of those lucky ones I’m afraid not, you have a chance of hitting them.