These exhaust pipes make us regret that the Opel GT that we meet is still conceptual

Opel is still heating up the atmosphere before the rebirth of one of their myths of sports, the Opel GT, a new generation that will come on the next Geneva and that after the first advances in the form of a video now comes in a new image that makes us question whether you will arrive as a conceptual model or a model already in production.

A two-seater, a coupe 2+2, a roadster… For now, Opel did not wait to find out about what is hidden behind this Opel GT:

These shapes and the like are integrated into the bumper make us think that behind these exhaust outlets may be a conceptual model:

through your profile official Twitter Opel has taught since an image centered on the dual exhaust central will be sporting this new Opel GT, a dual output with the badge “GT” in the middle that has a certain air to the conceptual car.

Opel by now has not given any details of the condition of this model as the course has not given nor key any for that elucubremos with the mechanics that beat under his hood.

If we have been advised that “Opel has reinvented itself” something that could fit well with a concept ready to give us some brush strokes not only a sports model of production but also of design details, technology, and mechanics of some of the upcoming models of the brand.

whatever it Is will eventually have to wait even longer, unless new breakthroughs, the Geneva but not before remember that Opel has already published two videos of the advancement of this Opel GT.