These have been the 10 best selling compact in 2016

Prueba Ford Focus ST

In our country, despite the clear sales increase in vehicles type SUV, the segment that marketing receives is that of the compact, something that happens so many years ago, followed closely only by the models of segment B. These cars body compact, which have a body whose length is located next to the 4.3 meters tend to be the most balanced, since we offer a cabin spacious for a trip with four people plus a trunk with a capacity pretty decent.

exterior dimensions does not hinder driving in urban roads or make it difficult to find a parking space, while on the road displayed a poise and comfort very worthy. In addition, the vast majority of compact offer variants family for those who make more trips and are looking for greater convenience when loading the trunk. In this top10 we have left aside the variants of the SUV or mpv that carry the same name as, for example, the Citroën C4 Aircross or the Renault Mégane Scénic.

1 – Seat Leon 33.653 units sold

SEAT León Cupra

The compact Martorell has recently presented a restyling to update it slightly now which is located approximately in the middle of its life cycle, although looking at the sales records, few would say that you actually need. The Seat Leon updated equipment, security systems, some engines and very slightly its aesthetics. Tops this list with a lot of difference with respect to their most immediate pursuers. In a few weeks to reach the official dealer of the brand.

2 – Volkswagen Golf, 25.360 units sold

Prueba Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance

The Volkswagen Golf is one of the kings of the segment C. The model of the house of the “people’s car” will also be updated in this 2017, at the beginning of the year. Like its cousin English, incorporates new technology, more safety and equipment. Although it has not led this list in our country, it is a money maker for Volkswagen found almost always among the best selling models.

3 – Peugeot 308, 23.508 units sold

Prueba Peugeot 308 GTi 270 CV

The first frenchman in our list is the Peugeot 308. Your radical change came nearly four years by convincing many customers, and is positioning itself as the first compact in adapting to the new fashions of the infotainment, interior designs clean, and the practical absence of buttons. Also incorporated the famous i-cockpit, with the box displayed above the steering wheel. Not take long to receive an update of half-cycle of life to endure at the foot of the canyon.

4 – Opel Astra, 20.852 units sold

Prueba Opel Astra 1.4 Turbo 150 CV

We left the podium and we found the Opel Astra in fourth position. Its new generation, with denomination “Astra J” came to the market in 2016. It does not offer a radical change in terms of aesthetics is concerned over its predecessor, the Opel Astra H, but yes it is true that has improved in terms of important as the lightness of the set, some new engines more efficient or the less number of buttons on the dashboard that both we criticized in the previous generation.

5 – Renault Mégane, 19.739 units sold

Prueba Renault Mégane 1.6 dCi 130

Recently we published the test of the Renault Mégane. This French model has already more than 20 years on our roads, having obtained a change of generations at the beginning of the year. This significantly improves in terms of quality and technology in comparison with its predecessor, with a design that you like more or like less, but that you can not cross out of continuity or a little risky.

6 – Toyota Auris, 17.997 units sold

Toyota Auris

From Japan for the european market arrives the Toyota Auris. The effort of Toyota to introduce the hybrid models in our market has been very important and has had its reward. In fact, a good portion of the sales of the Toyota Auris arrive from a part of the hybrid variant that we also tested in 2016, the Toyota Auris Hybrid. With nearly 18,000 sales in the completed year has been placed in sixth position among the compact.

7 – Ford Focus, 16.027 units sold

Prueba Ford Focus ST

we Said just in the above model that Toyota had fought for the hybrid engines. Ford chose a different branch, the downsizing and the engines of 3 cylinders. Surely the competition is not expected that the engines EcoBoost of the american brand to give such a good result and convince as soon to the public, but what is certain is that the Ford Focus has picked a very good reputation, in this fourth generation, thanks to these three-cylinder engines and a litre of cubicaje. It has also helped the good dynamics and ride comfort of the model.

8 – Audi A3, 13.373 units sold

Prueba Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

In the eighth place of the ranking we have the Audi A3. Is the first compact Premium, so from the German brand insurance should be very glad to have left behind the BMW 1 Series and Mercedes A-Class, its main rivals. Its price is, with difference, the most elevated of this top10, but its balance between quality and price as well as the good over the years about their materials have convinced 13.373 Spanish customers.

9 – Kia cee’d, 10.808 units sold

Prueba nuevo Kia Cee´d

In second to last place of this list of the 10 best selling compact in Spain in 2016, we find ourselves with the Kia cee’d. by the end of 2015 received some improvements in their finishing. What is certain is that Kia has changed a lot in recent years and its quality is already at a fairly high level, something that was not so about 8 years ago. warranty of 7 years the brand offers Korean are a big claim to Kia, that puts a lot of trust in their products.

10 – Hyundai i30, 10.365 units sold

Sure that Hyundai are not sad to see appear in the tenth position of its compact. The Hyundai i30 has shown a lot of competitiveness in these years, although it is now somewhat out of date compared to their competitors. Anyway, the asian brand will launch on the market in just a few days a face wash half-life cycle for this model, which will surely help you to climb positions ahead of 2017. Like its brand “cousin-sister” Kia, Hyundai gives its customers an extensive warranty, 5 years unlimited mileage, which also is a big claim.

Seat Leon

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