These have been the top-selling cars in February 2017

Prueba Opel Astra 1.4 Turbo 150 CV
Once the end of the month of February, we can perform the ranking of the cars Top Sales in our country for the second month of the year.

total recorded sales in new vehicles the month of February amounted to 97.796 units, virtually the same record from the same month of last year, which shows the stagnation that the market is suffering since last October, the end of the plan PIVE.

Seat Ibiza

Although in 2016 the model most in demand was his older brother, the Seat Leon, the little Ibiza has started the new year with strength and stood as the second month in a row as the best selling car in Spain. A total of 3.878 units have come out of the dealers a subsidiary of the Volkswagen group over the past month.

In the next Geneva we can see the fifth-generation of the emblematic model of Seat, although views of the figures, to the fourth, they don’t do anything wrong.

Seat Leon

The older brother comes stomping close to his little brother, since is placed in second position among the vehicles most sold in the country. 3.748 units are those in which the model of the firm Martorell has brought to the street throughout the month of February.

Opel Corsa

Opel Corsa
Occupying the third place, we find the Opel Corsa, the German model manufactured in Figueruelas, which maintains the position that made him be in the TOP 3 of the most sold in the past year. The small model of the firm German has sold throughout the month of February 3.171 units.

Citroen C4

The mark of the two chevrones placed in the fourth position in the ranking of top-selling cars in Spain, its compact, the Citroën C4. The French firm has sold a total of 2,550 units the past month, placing it again among the most sold, because the past year was not entered in the TOP 10 of the vehicles most in demand.

Nissan Qashqai

Nissan Qashqai 2 millones Sunderland
The SUV of the japanese brand closes the TOP 5 with a total of 2.406 units sold. The todocamino of Nissan, in addition, returns to be the number one in sales among the SUV of our country, as it was last year, maintaining its position as the king of the SUVs.

Opel Astra

The Opel brand is among the 10 most sold another of their models with more force, the Opel Astra. The compact most successful of the German mark has been registered in the past month 2.355 units, being awarded as the best car of the year in Europe last year, enters with strength in the ranking of the most sold of our country.

Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen Golf R-Line
The seventh position of the ranking occupies the seventh generation of the compact of the German mark. After selling more than 25,000 units throughout 2016, closes the month of February with sales of 2.174 units.

Renault Clio

The small Renault with the new version in 2016, the fourth generation gets to stay in the TOP 10 selling almost 2000 units throughout February, in particular 1.993 units.

Volkswagen Polo

At very close distance and with hardly 90 units of difference are in ninth place to the Volkswagen Polo, which, after selling 1.904 units is preparing for the arrival of the new model which will be presented at the Geneva motor show in just a few days.

Renault Megane

Prueba Renault Mégane 1.6 dCi 130
Closing the ranking, we find the compact of the French firm, the Renault Megane. The refreshed model presented in 2016, it is placed in tenth place with only 1.894 units sold in our country in the month of February, only 10 units less than the Polo, in ninth position.

Seat Ibiza
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