These have been the top-selling cars in November

Prueba nuevo Renault Mégane 2016

Yesterday inaugurábamos a new month, the last year, and we already have in hand records of sales of the recently completed month of November. As is usual at the beginning of each month, we are going to report what it has led the segment in terms of sales and what have been the models and brands that best figures of sales have been obtained.

Before anything else, we are going to review over the behavior of the automotive segment in Spain. In comparison with November of 2015, sales of passenger cars have increased by 13.5 %, with over 92,000 units marketed. However, the growth in the category of individuals has been slowed, improving only 4 %, probably by the end of the Plan PIVE. The positive side is that companies and rent a car go up 28.6 % and 42.9%, respectively, in comparison with November 2015.

In terms of enrollment in the year to date, Spain already has surpassed the barrier of one million, with 1.050.121 delivery from the 1 of January to the 30 of November; which is a improvement of 11.1 %. In the first 11 months of 2016, the sales in particular grew 7.3 %, the companies 15.4 %, and the rent a car to 15.9 %.

Prueba Opel Astra 1.4 Turbo 150 CV

Focusing on the sales of each brand of the month of November, Renault is very above the rest with 8.322 enrolment, having taken a major leap. We follow Volkswagen 7.112, Opel with 6.630, Seat with produced 6,542 and closing the top 5 Peugeot with 6.211 sales. In spite of the great distance of the vehicle, only 2,000 units separate the first to the fifth most sold. The classification in the year to date has to Opel as the best-selling with 83.232 units, ahead of Volkswagen with 81.413 and Renault 80.379. In fourth and fifth place, Peugeot and Seat, with 75.652 and 72.768 enrolments respectively.

speaking of models, important has been the growth of Megane, which passes from the fifth of October to first in November, with 3.071 units. The other two drawers of the podium are for the Seat Leon and Ibiza, with 2.529 and 2.333. In third and fourth place are the Nissan Qashqai and Golf, with 2,286 and 2.047 sales. Nice battle in the year to date, with the C4 and Leon are separated by only 14 units so far this year, enrolling 32.201 and 32.187 units respectively. If all continues as in the last month, the Martorell will be the best selling car of the year. In third, fourth and fifth place are the Ibiza, Golf and Corsa, 29.948, 25.754, and 25.030 enrolments in these first 11 months of 2016.

we Ended up with the market share as fuels. In November, the 39.8% of the cars have been petrol, 56.2 % of diesel oil and the remaining 4% hybrid or electric, with a good increase for the latter. In the first nine months, the gasoline has occupied 40.2% of the total sales, the diesel 56.9 and alternative propulsion 2.9 %.

Prueba Toyota Prius

– Source ANFAC