These restorations of classic Mercedes by Brabus will brighten up your day

taking Advantage of the Techno Classica Essen is one of the largest halls of classics from the continent – Brabus has returned to remind us of one facet of a much unknown of their business model. We know this German company for their preparations, focused on vehicles of the Group Daimler, as well as its status as trainer officer of smart – the AMG of smart, so to speak. What you may not know is that Brabus offers stunning restoration services for classic, that have nothing to envy to the Mercedes Classic.

Tradition, respect and fidelity with the history of the classics.

have nothing to envidiarles, because both companies working in harmony – part of the capital of Brabus is the property of Daimler. The German company offers these services to classic Mercedes-Benz, with the goal of leaving them better than new. Imagine for a moment that you are the proud owner of a Mercedes 300 SL, a family inheritance. You want to restore the full and the money is not a big impediment. The program Brabus Classic 6-Star Certified High Quality Restoration is for you.

mercedes-brabus-classic-15To obtain a certificate of restoration of A Class A – the highest note that was attached to vehicles restored in contests of elegance and events of classic – the vehicles are disassembled to the full. The entire means down to the last screw. You disassembled the body from the chassis, and this last is treated in case of rust and protected with a treatment that prevents oxidation. It removes the original paint of the car and re-paint, using the same codes and applied with modern techniques.

mercedes-brabus-classic-6Brabus has the needed skills to rebuild engines

Each engine is disassembled to the last screw and goes to the bank of engines Brabus. The engines are rebuilt with modern techniques, while respecting the tolerances from the factory, and machined new components if necessary. A similar process is carried out with the gearbox and the differences. components of the gear train – brakes and suspensions in particular – are replaced by other completely new. All parts are original, thanks to the privileged relationship of Mercedes with Brabus.

mercedes-brabus-classic-3The interior of the car is also restored to the full. Brabus is able to manufacture fabric, leather, and coatings according to the factory specifications of these classics. experts upholsterers also clean the seats, retrieved his soft and your original appearance, following ancient techniques of sewing. These restorations are not affordable and will take months to complete, but at least they have a warranty of two years. If you had a fantastic classic Mercedes and… a lot of money, I don’t think twice.

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