These vintage chairs will race inspired luxury in your living room

If you are crazy for cars as we are all in motor we write, you’ll want this article. The French company Racing & Emotion just launched a automotive furniture line inspired . Specifically, it is inspired by mythic decorations competition last century. Decorations as mythical as the Gulf Racing, Martini, BASF or the “Pink Pig” Porsche 917. All of them decorate luxurious armchairs that be great if you want a room with a delicious vintage touch.

The interior of the chairs is lined in black leather trimmed with handmade.

two types of seating are available. A ball chair type – Rotating – it is the first type of seat. It is all the more vintage, straight out of the 60s with a decoration of Martini Racing Gulf or they look stunning in any salon. But I stay with the decoration of BASF . It is much eighties, in fact, became famous in the BMW M1 ProCar mid 80s have about 30 models available, some with vinylated inspired by Lotus, Lancia-Alitalia or BMW 70s Motorsport

sillas-2 The drawback is that these ball-type chairs are expensive. No one would expect costasen 300 EUR IKEA , I hope. The cheapest start at 2,790 euros and the most expensive sold for no less than 4,990 euros . The most expensive copy is inspired by BMW 3 0.0 CSL decorated as Andy Warhol Art Car BMW in 1975, and is a limited exemplary only 7 units. It is clear that are not for everyone , but also cost five figures. But deep down, these chairs are not practical, are only accessories design.

An ideal place for a petrolhead that gift can afford it, of course.

If we want something more usable, Racing & Emotion has type egg chairs, but that could be used without problem as office chairs. These chairs also feature decorations mythical world of competition and cost 3,490 euros. Lastly, Racing & Emotion us also sells replicas of the doors of the Porsche 917. They cost more than 2,000 euros and the French idea is that we hang on the wall as decoration vintage. Personally, I prefer to use a chair IKEA and save for my first classic.

sillas-huevo More details on the website of Racing & Emotion.

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