They dismantle in Russia a network of counterfeit engine oil

Aceite ShellIn the world engine oils there are a variety of brands and products, many of which are with utilities or specific advantages. In recent years the oil industry has evolved a lot and that has also made some products to be increased. However, for many of the workshops, the engine oil is one of the elements that the greater profit margin they have.

there is Always someone who does not have enough and are looking for a greater profit, whatever. The Russian police have broken up a band of counterfeit engine oils on a large scale. According to the Ministry of Interior, Russian, the scammers would have been earned up to 147 million euros annually. The organization had a facility that produced oil of dubious quality that were subsequently envasaba in containers that are very faithful to the original brands such as Shell, ExxonMobil or Total, as well as in official versions of brands such as Ford, Mazda and Toyota.

Aceite motor

Choose a good oil is vital to the life of any engine

The police seized in raids at several centres of production and storage of the frame 70 tons of motor oil packaged in more than 80,000 containers also counterfeit of various brands of motor oil. According to the police reports, this operation has ended with five arrested and one more that he was trying to escape to China with a large sum of money was detained in the Moscow airport.

The choice of a good oil is vital for the proper maintenance of a motor. Their mineral origin or synthetic, the viscosity, its antioxidant, lubricant, and heat dissipation are key factors that if not met could lead to serious damage to the engine. It is recommended to follow the indications of the manufacturer regarding the oils to use.

Source – Motor1