They reach the Volvo S90 and V90 Polestar Optimisation, greater dynamism to the sedans Swedish

Polestar optimized the new models of Volvo. This is not the
coveted high performance versions to which we have
used trainer official of the swedes, but of a
optimization of their more powerful engines as
previous step to these.
In this case, the company unveils the performance of your program
Polestar Optimisation on the D5 engine of the Volvo S90 and V90.


The optimization program is responsible for reconfigure five points
key of the vehicle
to become a vehicle
more dynamic:

1. Throttle Response becomes more precise and direct improving
when we do want to accelerate fast or make a
driving dynamics.

2. The speed change gear has been increased to speed up
faster and react more directly to the orders of the
driver, for example when you reduce gear to perform a

3. parameters of the gear change have also been modified to
optimize the mid-range of engine revs, so for example
the vehicle will prevent change of machar when we are taking a
curve with high G-forces side of the form that you do not lose the
linearity of the plotted.


4. Improved engine response and the gearbox when we decided to
accelerate right after you have lifted your foot from the accelerator
quickly, for example when we slow down before entering a

5. Increases engine performance raising subtly figures
power and torque maximums, however the real improvement is
in the performance of the engine to half speed, and how the change of
gears and throttle help that this range is best
taken advantage of. In short, a series of improvements that make the
vehicle has a better response when we give life to your

The propellant Drive-E D5 now provides now 240 HP and 500 Nm of
maximum to both sedans Volvo in place of the 235 BHP and 480 Nm of your version
conventional. Increases power in the mid-range of revolutions and
produces the maximum torque in a wider range: from 1,500 to 2,500
, instead of between 1,750 and 2.250. On paper these improvements
allow both models to complete the
sprint 0 to 100 km/h 0,1
seconds faster
leaving intact the fuel consumption figures and


As you can see, without making major adjustments provides a
driving experience better than ever. By the time the
most modern models of the Swedish firm equipped with the diesel engine
D5 in combination with the automatic change and the traction AWD
to benefit from this interesting option, however in October
we the optimized versions of the variant
petrol T6.