They say that McLaren will have their “4-seat”: we will explain why it will not be so

If there are the Porsche Panamera and the Ferrari GTC4Lusso, why McLaren would have to wait longer for to launch their particular vision of sports for 4 people. McLaren are living a particular moment of gold where every new project comes to the market with a remarkable sales success, but today everything sold are sporting. Knowing the categorical refusal of McLaren to the manufacture of an SUV, the idea of a GT for 4 occupants is gaining strength in the factory in Woking, but it seems that many overlook how McLaren has designed their entire range.


All the range of McLaren is based on the same monocoque and V8 engine rear, and there does not fit a 2+2

The portfolio of McLaren grows by moments, finding three great families to understand the philosophy of their models: Sport Series, Super Series and Ultimate Series. We already know that McLaren has denied by active and passive any possibility of making an SUV, arguing that his philosophy is that of a builder of sports cars and point.

But, as we have already seen on Porsche and Ferrari reinterpreting the concept of Gran Turismo, in a recent interview with Motoring Duncan Forrester as head of media corporate McLaren has talked about the possibility of seeing a McLaren with 4 true seats. The idea, which is not as far-fetched as it seems, just need to reissue the concept of the McLaren 570GT in a version of 4 occupants, but in practice all is much more difficult due to the approach of manufacturing of McLaren, using the same monocoque carbon and propeller center rear in each and every one of their models. And on the basis of this architecture, a 2+2 seems to be extremely difficult.


McLaren now search for volume and profitability, and to be fair, to manufacture a 2+2 cone all it would involve would not be synonymous with economic success

Forrester admits that within the manufacturer there is the debate about the manufacturing of a GT 2+2-seater, a logical candidate for the philosophy that advocates the Sport Series. But with the feet on the ground, in the short and medium term it is impossible to McLaren’s venture into the manufacture of a 2+2 seating to the limits imposed by the carbon-fibre monocoque and the high costs that would involve developing an entire platform for a GT. McLaren has managed to do very well a thing, and is to apply an economy of scale in your business project: a single hull, a single propeller. The variations are minor from one model to another, but this approach have allowed it to grow quickly, and providing a variety of different personalities without firing costs.

introduce a 2+2 seating, McLaren would have to consider the manufacturing of a new platform, a front engine and starting from scratch. Today, McLaren has two very clear goals to achieve to grow in volume and profitability, on the one hand we find the consolidation of its commercial offer with continual updates, and on the other hand the expansion of McLaren Special Operations. In a more distant future where McLaren to run new risks, the development of a new platform for a multi-purpose use would fit, and there will be more than likely to see the first 2+2 for McLaren.