They say that Volkswagen has stopped developing its 10-speed DSG, do you need?

How far will they get automatic updates? Good question. Today does not surprise us that enjoy an automatic eight, or even nine gear ratios. So much so that the news before the news that in 2014 confirmed that Volkswagen was developing its own change DSG 10 relations or surprised us. At this point, it is worth asking, do you really need a change of 10 speed? Does it make sense? And this week for the first time heard a rumor that points to another story that does not surprise us, Volkswagen have stopped development of this change.

Volkswagen officially presents its new 10-speed DSG

So far, the only confirmed news was that Volkswagen was developing effectively change DSG 10 relations . The official announcement came along with the presentation of a 2.0 TDI , that the hand of a biturbo system, and an electric compressor, reaching the 272 hp. The launch of this change DSG was only a matter of time.

Volkswagen justified the evolving changes DSG to the 10 speed ensuring that this new dual clutch allowed to further improve the efficiency of their broadcasts . Uncertain ten relationships influenced negatively in the driving experience, Volkswagen was justified by the speed and smoothness of the transition between gears of your changes.


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Change DSG 10 relationships would be more efficient than the current six and seven, but the benefit can not justify the cost and complexity of development.

Need a change DSG 10 speeds? A priori no. We talked about a quick and easy change. If, as we had to ask customers Volkswagen evolution of its changes DSG , our prayers would only aimed at their cost is reduced, or perfected to gain reliable.

The only reason wielding Volkswagen to advance the development of DSG 10 speed is to improve efficiency . On the other hand, they have managed to create a transmission that despite increasing the number of speeds incrementase not its size or weight. According to the Australian Motoring average, you would have had access to an internal tip of Volkswagen, this change would be too complex and would require a very costly development for the brand. So not outweigh the benefits announced its development, commissioning and subsequent release.

That’s what this tip course, still have to take it as such, while Volkswagen has not officially announced the development of DSG 10 relations has stopped. But obviously logic invites us to think that if the benefit level of efficiency offered by this change is small, we understand that no worthwhile development .

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Volkswagen officially presents its new 10-speed DSG

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