They say there will be a Honda S1000 and will be a global model


They say that is developing the Honda S1000 aimed at international markets . Use a VTEC engine 1.0-liter Turbo , with a power around 125 horses force.


Honda-S660-3 D ince a few weeks ago debuted Honda S660 only for Japan, many wondered if the little convertible achieved find a place to sneak in some of major world markets .

And that is exactly what seems to happen, because according to a report indicating Australian Motoring, Honda has already approved both a variant Type R the S660, as a S1000 that will target international markets.

The Honda S1000 would be something bigger and reach the market in 2016 with a tone power to 125 hp.

They say the S1000 would use a VTEC engine 1.0-liter Turbo recently developed a power around 125 horsepower , which is significantly more potent than S660 0.66 liter that produces 63 hp.

But the drive must move a body bigger because the S1000 grow both in width and length and is further believed that it will be offered with a hardtop, which could even incorporate an air for cooling the engine.

It is believed that the pattern is 200 millimeters wide and 150 millimeters longer , as well as wheels should get larger diameter and wider tires, in addition to an improved suspension system and brakes, accommodate the new features of the vehicle.

The same report indicates that the Honda S1000 should reach the market in mid-2016 .





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