Third change of the engine in a McLaren helpless: “Ask Honda”


“new Week, new life”. At least, that he expected McLaren, taking with poetic license, the famous Spanish proverb. However, the beginning of the second week of pre-season test in Barcelona has had a take similar to the previous, after that the team from Woking has had that to replace your power unit for the third time. On this occasion, a electrical problem ended with the morning of Stoffel Vandoorne, after the belgian, who had been one of the pilots more active along with Sebastian Vettel and Felipe Massa, completed 34 laps in the first two hours.

The belgian driver was able to return to the track in the mid-afternoon session, but yet another mechanical problem on the V6 hybrid Honda has sparked new controversy over the reliability, after McLaren completed laps without problems last Wednesday and Thursday. Despite the fact that this week had been planned for the use of a motor with the specification for the Australian Grand Prix, which would fix much of these problems, and to give himself more power, today has been followed using the same specification as last week, as confirmed by Eric Boullier, team manager.

In a meeting with the press, concluded before the problems in the car Vandoorne, Boullier has clarified that “this engine has the same specification as the last week, there had been no modification. we Believe that part, or most, of these issues will be resolved in the next specification. We expected to have the engine and the chassis at full capacity from the start, but, if it can’t be, we will try to have it as quickly as possible”. Even though it says to be sure the unit will arrive without problems to Australia, the French threw footballs out to be asked about the causes of that delay with a “ask Honda”. The head of McLaren, yes, he expressed his utmost confidence in the biker japanese when asked about the possibility of a rupture:

The relationship with Honda is not three, but seven years of age. We have contract in force, does not want nor think that, because it is a solid relationship. We want to strengthen it, but not now when we’re not in an ideal situation. The relationship is good and both parties are trying to give the maximum. Of course, when you are going slow and there is no speed in a straight line, or G-forces on the wheels, or the braking, you can’t have all the data, but we know that it can make a big part of the development, including through in that way. What we cannot do is any prediction of the future. Obviously, we’re in Formula 1, we’re competing, and we have to deliver, so the pressure is huge and we put the maximum pressure in the whole of our relationship with Honda, and the same in your case. We can not take a false step”.

despite the incident, Boullier did not express any type of alarm, stating that some of the mechanical failures were related. Two problems have been the same, yet there are not a lot of concern. We’re understanding the car and validating certain pieces. It is a basic job, there are that send data to Woking to find out if the correlation with the tunnel is correct, and, that we may know, what it is. We would like to give more laps and try out more pieces, but the little that we have we are tested it is good. What else is left in the hands of Honda to ensure that it is investigated appropriately, and we believe that they will”.

Regarding your drivers, Boullier explained that Fernando Alonso “know at all times how is this project, where we are and where we are going. You have a full understanding of everything that happens” and, in a video on Facebook, commented that the problems that affect the team are frustrating for all, to Stoffel, and for us also. Given that there are not many days of testing, we want to get the most out of them. The less we shoot, the less we learn about the cars and the more we delay in our development program”. all in all, McLaren has become to drain half a day of testing between the hands. Three remain.