Thirteen countries seek to organize a rally in the WRC


With doubts about the spectacular nature of the new World
Rally Car, the position of the current model and certain aspects of the
regulation, one of the keys of the World of Rallies is to maintain a calendar
stable. One of the premises of the promoter of the WRC is to retain the scheme 14
tests, ten of them on european soil
. In this aspect, teams, drivers and
Jarmo Mahonen as a representative of the FIA have agreed that the calendar
the World can not exceed this number of appointments by logistical issues and
budget. However, that is not an impediment to introduce new evidence in
the World

With the Rally of China, bringing to fourteen the number of appointments
World Championship, it is evident that the arrival of a new test will
output of another rally
. In this aspect, the FIA and the promoter of the WRC prefer the
gravel on the asphalt and in the extent possible not to vary the above-mentioned
scheme of four tests away from Europe. However, as revealed ‘Autosport’,
managed up to thirteen applications to host a round of the World. Countries interested in organizing an appointment with the WRC are Abu Dhabi,
Canada, Chile, Korea, Croatia, India, Northern Ireland, Japan, Jordan, Malaysia,
New Zealand, Russia, and Turkey

In this aspect, they have more chances of getting
hole in the WRC proposals of rallies on gravel and most do have
previous experience in the championship. Although in this aspect Japan, Jordan,
New Zealand and Turkey have advantage
, Abu Dhabi also rings with the force
to be able to host a round of the World. Be that as it may, a good number of the
above-mentioned countries have already embraced a test of the WRC at some point, so that it is difficult to precedir what application has more options, and rally could fall before the
arrival of one of the countries referred to