Thirty Rolls-Royce Phantom red color for this luxurious hotel in Macau

Rolls-Royce Phantom para el Hotel 13 de Macaoit Is customary for some companies, depending on the functions that are dedicated, to buy a large number of vehicles so that their workers can perform their functions or even to put at the disposal of customers as can be car rental companies or transportation, put some example.

What is not usual is that a single company responsible a fleet of tens of vehicles of luxury like in the hotel “The 13” of Macau. This luxurious hotel called the Rolls-Royce brand, nothing more and nothing less than thirty units of the Phantom model with long wheelbase. The first unit was delivered at the beginning of this year, as if a demo version is involved, while the remaining 29 are already at the disposal of the heads of the hotel.

Rolls-Royce Phantom para el Hotel 13 de MacaoA Rolls-Royce is not exactly a car that passes by unnoticed, much less a Rolls-Royce Phantom. However, it seems that the hotel owner wants his vehicle to call even more attention beyond where to go and to be recognized as a service of the hotel, and perhaps in the surroundings of the luxurious hotel is often confronted with vehicles of this type. Therefore, each of the thirty units commissioned by this client of the Phantom has been painted red. A red color that, besides being present in the entire body of the vehicle, also receive it in the wheels of 21 inches.

30 units a bit extravagant with that red color that remind us of a car fire. From the hotel, has been built by the multimillionaire chinese Stephen Hung and is regarded as the most luxurious in the world. According to have, in its interior there are 200 suites with more than 180 meters, which cost approximately between 60,000 and 88,000 euros each night. It also has 13 thermal baths of marble in roman style, therefore having a chauffeur with Rolls-Royce no longer seems so extremely luxurious.