This 4×4 armoured is the new party room portable Red Bull


The latest creation from Red Bull is an armored vehicle full of music

Red Bull has always had very crazy ideas that only they have dared to carry out. The famous brand of energy drinks bet for a crazy lifestyle in which is present the risk sports, extreme activities, and as the feast. His last creation is a vehicle capable of turning any place in the world in a room full of music.

Your body surfaces angular and plywood visible gives a look own armored military vehicle that of a moveable feast. The tone chosen is the matte black that contrasts with the big bull red of the brand. This particular vehicle has taken inspiration from the fighter aircraft F-22 Raptor.

In its interior hides a set down for the holidays: DJ booth, digital display and a pair of speakers for the enjoyment of the attendees. There are No specs about the power of your sound system or the way in which power the electrical appliances during the party, but it looks like that will be using the own motor vehicle as generator.

This terrifying off-road there where what you see is a Land Rover 130 long wheelbase of australian origin modified into the machine you see in the pictures. 4×4 capability and robust body will get you wherever you want to that the fun has no limits.