This Abarth 124 Spider has four outputs exhaust


Profile of the Abarth 124 Spider

As you well know, Fiat 124 Spider, a cousin of the well-known MX-5, has just been introduced. It seems that Abarth is working on a version of Fiat’s more attractive in recent times, as we suspected, they began to hear rumors and now we have pictures of spies in the model.

we will See a version essesse with more power

The Abarth 124 Spider should bring a power of at least 170 CV and decorative details unique tire specific, vinyl and added to your body, that is to say, the roadster will receive a treatment similar to the one that receives the Fiat 500 after to be baptized as a Abarth.

A bumper, larger air inlets, more generous, a side skirts wider, these wheels are attractive and one exhaust outlet end sports will set up a stamp really attractive.


This prototype Abarth 124 Spider has four output exhaust

in Addition, according to the new clues that we are reaching, we also see a version Esseesse that it will take more time to reach and climb up the power around 210 or 220 HP, thus satisfying the most demanding customers with performance. We are looking forward to see it.