This ad will make you wish that the Duster Oroch, the pick-up of Dacia, come to Europe

Dacia created a pick-up and believed that it was an ideal product for South america. Although the grill of this model is presided over by a huge diamond, and is marketed as Renault Duster Oroch, this pick-up is based on the same Dacia Duster that we know of in Europe. Let us remember that the Dacia european are traded in many markets as the Renault. And judging by the first announcement of the Duster Oroch in Brazil we are already making us a slight idea of the approach that the French brand has given its product, and the target commercial aims. To the extent that we would see with good eyes that Dacia had dared to launch it in Europe, and why not?

The Duster Oroch want to be as a pick-up style of life, and not as a commercial vehicle.

Renault wanted his Duster Oroch is to stay away from the cliché boring of the pick-up more economical, mostly focused on the modest approach, and in the simplicity that pursues a commercial vehicle. Renault wanted the Duster Oroch to emerge as an alternative economic, but focused on the style of life, that is to say, individuals with hobbies that require a vehicle spacious and that they value the use of a loading space-type “tub”, open to the exterior. And what better cliché that the activities of sun and beach and action sports. Luckily, Renault turned to a less cliche hackneyed as that of the surfer, or the “snowboarder”, and conceded his car in the needs of a team of practitioners of kite-surfing.

In Brazil is available with two petrol engines, with displacements of 1.6 and 2.0 liters. In Europe, nor is, nor are you expected to. Which is a shame, because it definitely looks like a model, fun and interesting. That yes we will see on our borders will be the Renault Alaskan, a pick-up more generous in its dimensions, more worked, with an approach that is more campero and technology. A product to all lights more elaborate, but also more expensive…

Am I a rare type? Or do you really this Duster Oroch is a vehicle interesting?

Source: Renault
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