This Akrapovic exhaust, the sound of the Mercedes-AMG V8 Coupé S63 will never be the same

If you do not conform with the sound of your brand new series offers luxury coupe, V8, Akrapovic is always to help. The Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe , besides being beautiful, is a beast of 585 hp. For his philosophy, not a coupe aimed at making noise, or anything, but keep that duality between the comfortable Gran Turismo “high standing” and sports. Whereupon, who the hell could think installing a Akrapovic exhaust in this car? Is it a macarrada? Is it a good idea?

The opening of the Akrapovic exhaust valves is practiced from a button, wireless, which take in the car.

The main motivation to install an exhaust system Akrapovic, although not the only, is improve sports car character with a heady sound . In its latest systems Akraprovic has also standardized a very interesting technology, especially in a coupe and Mercedes S63 AMG Coupe, which is to maintain – as far as possible. – Your sporty and comfortable duality

This Akrapovic exhaust system is equipped with a valves whose opening can be selected wirelessly , using a device that take into our car. So anytime we can adjust the valves to increase the sound and force of the roar bouncing escape, or opt for a more peaceful and quiet setting.

The Akrapovic system also slightly improves the car’s performance in figures may not be very significant, but interesting. An increase in power of 8.6 kW at 2250 rpm and 2250 rpm 36.7 Nm occurs. Reducing the weight of the exhaust system is 13.2 kilograms (-44.7% compared to the standard exhaust system).

The best part is that their sound is delightful, is not it?

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Mercedes S 63 AMG Coupé, all details: 585 hp coupe Beauty


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