This Alpine dress Lotus is in Spain, to renew our hopes in a very special Alpine beast and

Look at what we have found for Spain. If you see it in the distance up you might think it’s a rare preparation of the Lotus Exige, but the really interesting is not what you see door to the outside, but what lies inside. It is test mule future of Alpine sports . And judging by these images, it will be extremely wide and low, even compared to a sport as the own Lotus Exige. One detail that brings hope in which we wished that he enjoyed an even more aggressive and radical aspect that the latest prototype that met the Alpine Celebration Concept presented at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, which somehow seems more at Renault Sport RS 01 runs.

Alpine Concept Celebration, face to face: … live with the Alfa Romeo 4C Renault?

Although currently only be a guess that this prototype still seen a body rejuvenated Lotus reveals that still touch us wait at length to his presentation, that next to land at dealerships year could occur in 2017. It is speculated that will be equipped with four-cylinder engine and 1.8 liters of displacement, with powers up to 300 hp . Test mule surprised some details, such as the use of a single exhaust outlet, very narrow and simple at the rear.

Any resemblance between this mule and reality is purely coincidental , but the truth is that its external attachments us and somehow reveal its dimensions in comparison with a Lotus Exige, its width, its small stature and its length. That shake the Alfa 4C your opponent is French and is just around the corner.

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