This Aston Martin DB11 hides under the hood, the V8 of the Mercedes-AMG GT

In the past Geneva Aston Martin introduces the new Aston Martin DB11, a new sport that, in addition to having a spectacular floor boasts of a master V12 under the hood, but… are you planning to Aston Martin one version V8 DB11? seen as Seen in Nürburgring seems to be coming a version equipped with the V8 of the Mercedes-AMG GT.

Recall that the Aston Martin DB11 has been the first model of the british brand to integrate elements of Mercedes, something that is a good account given, for example, the control of the multimedia system. The ties with the German firm seem to be willing to come also, as is logical, the section mechanic, where Mercedes could offer to Aston Martin V8 biturbo of AMG.

These units came into view, equipped allegedly with the V8 of 4 liters, may be the test units of a version of “access” of the Aston Martin DB11, although we cannot rule out the fact that, whether part of a test for to adapt these engines to other future models of the brand.


let us Recall that this mechanism develops 462 horses in the AMG GT to be “normal”, which reaches the 510 horses in the S and in the case of R the roof is located in the 585 horses, indicating even a more powerful variant.

What an Aston Martin DB11 of about 500 horses?
We will have to wait and see, while let us not forget that the V12 has 608 horses waiting for us for those looking for a sporty more elegant.