This Aston Martin DB4 1961 abandoned will be one of the stars in Scottsdale


The Aston Martin DB4 between the trees.

Some of the stories that we can find ourselves in the world of the classics are quite incredible, and in many cases seem to defy all logic and reason. As in this case, where we find a model completely emaciated, that can only be the subject of a costly full restoration, which will cost it a small fortune, but which nevertheless will be one of the stars that will be on sale during the next Concours d’elegance of Arizona.

This Aston Martin DB4, 1961, has had a life quite hard, since after a first owner, a well-known voice actor of the united States, spent more than 40 years, abandoned among the trees of the farm and that the dessert would be their last owner, whose family has put on sale the model.

As is logical, more than 4 decades, to the weather without any kind of protection have made a dent in the model. Both externally and in its interior, is completely shattered, although interestingly almost whole. In addition to having all your original parts, something that have been rated by many specialists of the house Worldwide Auctioneers, an auction house specializing in classic models.


Goes on sale in the appointments of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Their estimates will suggest a value of between 375,000 and 475.000 dollars, to which must be added the costly repair and restoration, that they can easily reach those same figures, as a work of restoration of that caliber can take from several months to a few years, in function of the shortage of necessary components.

The value of the DB4 currently ranges between 440.000 dollars of a unit in a good state, 755.000 one at state contest. So the value of this it seems a bit high, despite what the media of your story.

The history of this issue started in 1962, when it was acquired by its first owner, Dallas Williams, a well-known announcer and actor of dubbing us. During that decade, the DB4 belonged to the Williams family, and for the registration of owners of the model we know that at some point received a new engine.


The interior is also in a poor state, with the exception of some elements.

At the beginning of the decade of the seventies, the DB4 was sold, going to be the property of the family that now puts it on sale. According to the testimony of the wife of the owner, the DB4, already occupying the place where it was found recently, since before marriage, so we can assume that already, in this decade, the Aston was lying among the trees the exterior of the property.

When he was rescued, it was found that it had all its original elements. From the moldings and bumpers chrome, as ajados by the elapsed time, until the attractive spoked wheels and original tires of the time. Except for a couple of minor items, such as some optical, comes with everything you need to start a comprehensive process of complete restoration.

The area’s best-preserved is the dashboard, where not only we are the dials in good condition, but the steering wheel, and metal hoop of wood, is also in an acceptable state.


Its estimated value reaches and exceeds that of a unit in good condition.

The DB4 was born in 1956 when it began the development of the successor of the DB mark III, that it was a technical evolution, which featured a completely new design in your body. Account with a tubular frame work of the body builder Italian Touring, with its then novel and reputed patented Superleggera. The presentation of the DB4 was a success in 1958 and was the first model that premiered the factory of the brand in Newport Pagnell, where it is now precisely will be manufactured 25 new DB4GT.

Had a engine six-cylinder in-line 3.7 liter, double camshaft in head. This block, the work of legendary engineer Tarek Marek, was made completely of aluminum and boasted of 243 HP (240 hp) at 4,500 rpm. Its frame was of the best in the market at that time, since it had 4 disc brakes and independent front suspension. Your transmission was 4-speed manual.

maximum speed was 225 km/h, not bad for a vehicle born in the late fifties.


the technic of the brand, more than four decades to the weather.

The official number of production of the DB4 is 1.113 vehicles divided into five series, of which the copy of the images belongs to the second. Of the DB4 were born versions of mythical, such as the 75 DB4 GT or the only 19 DB4 GT Zagato, version more aerodynamic, aimed at competition.