This Audi R8 LMX traveled with us to Portugal… and now it is on sale for 165.000 euros

After the recall this weekend our roadtrip to Portugal at the wheel of an Audi R8 LMX today, we bring to the front page of this exclusive special edition, which served as a farewell to the previous Audi R8, for a peculiar reason: we have found on sale for 165.000€.

A considerable discount for a super sports car, used yes, but really exclusive:

What how we have recognized to this unit? Easy, is the unit 42 of 99.

Warned by Quim Camera through our Facebook we have found that faithful companion which took us from Madrid to Portugal months ago in an epic production poses now in a dealership, in Sabadell.

This unit is equipped with 20,000 km and a price 165.000 euros which places it significantly below the 250,000 euros that it cost when it went on sale.

Will keep reinventing that model? We believe that it does:

let us Remember that this Audi R8 came limited to 99 units to present us not only a new and pioneering optical laser, but also presented as the perfect swan song of an Audi R8, which for the occasion had the V10 powered up to 570 horses, an aerodynamically tuned of the good account I gave his rear wing or canards, a new tune which included brake carbocerámicos and a full complement of equipment, including a blue tone specific.

therefore, we are faced with one of the Audi R8 more special few have been commercialized, an Audi R8, of which there will only be 99 units in the world and who also was commissioned to lead the offensive of the optical laser, yes, I’d bet on its value.

Now, what can happen bill to your image for having been a car of the press? In my opinion, in a car, so, no, it is more, to have a good number of reports at their backs filled their pedigree could be even beneficial in their future supercar classic.