This Audi TT with complex R8 has 800 horses and costs half a million euros

what An Audi TT capable of stand up to the Audi R8? No, we do not speak of the upcoming Audi TT RS, but a preparation that, based on the previous generation, and more than 800 horses, wears an aspect of everything less discreet and it is now on sale for the considerable number of 500,000 euros, how to last a long time in the market or this Audi TT occasion will fly quickly to the garage of a wealthy friend of the tuning?

Under the hood has a V10… and no, it is not the V10 its maximum torque of the R8:

This preparation, in charge of MTM, we proposed a hefty mechanical change, in which the original engine has given way to the propeller V10 5 liters that used the previous Audi RS6, potenciándolo for the occasion until the 802 horses.

Is able to achieve the 350 km/h, is capable of reaching 100 km/h from standstill in 3 seconds and reach 300 km/h in 19.4 seconds and is unable to pass unnoticed, not only by the body kit “imitating” the line of a R8, not content to be sufficiently eye-catching MTM has given him a touch chrome.

in Addition, the trainer has given the interior an eye-catching finish red, with a few bucket carbon fiber to finish off the set.

you Can see the ad of the car in this web of second-hand cars.