This Austrian family only leads BMW 3 Series, the E30, E36 and E46


The passion for a brand is something that, in one form or another, has just passed down from father to son. It is so common to see children blond, blond parents, as these lead car of the same brand as their parents. It is also true that small trips we usually leave fond memories, often associated with the car itself. And those memories have to influence the time you get to the dealership and buy a car. But what about if I tell you that every member of this Austrian family drives a BMW 3 Series different from the second, third and fourth generation ?

In this family there is everything. The mother of the family enjoys one E30 Convertible, and E46 Touring , more practical for day to day. His daughter drives a younger product, E36 Compact . The little boy does not have a driving license, but her father and hopes to follow in his footsteps and finish learning to drive a E30 , which is not bad for a start, is not it?

The father of the family also have darling a E30 Touring red . A car that he liked so much that, not content with one, bought two. For day to day also enjoys a E46 Touring , following the example of his wife.

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