This beautiful engine of a Porsche 917 at a scale of 1:4 could be yours… it is fully functional!

In the next auction, Driven by Disruption – which will be held this afternoon in New York – will be put to auction this beauty. It is an internal combustion engine, a replica perfectly functional boxer doubly turbocharged 12-cylinder engine of the Porsche 917 of competition. An engine hand-built by one of the best mechanical engineers of Canada, the late Herb Jordan, that it took 4 years to build it out of a completely traditional in your home.

it Is estimated that its selling price is at least $ 25,000. Yes, it has not been booted up in years and needs an overhaul.

This engine has a displacement real of 54 cubic centimeters, and a length of about 38 centimeters. The engine runs with methanol as the fuel and can be rotated at a speed of up to 24,000 rpm. Has a compression ratio of 8.5:1 and is able to develop remarkable potency according to RM Auctions, thanks to two turbochargers fully functional. A small masterpiece, whose ciguëñal was machined from a single block of metal, like a large part of the rest of their metallic components.

mechanical injection fuel and lines of oil as a fuel is perfectly integrated in the block. I would think that it would be the ideal engine for a perfect replica 1:4 scale of a Porsche 917. Perhaps it is the idea of their future owner we can’t finish this article without mentioning Engines Patelo. Do not forget to contemplate the work of this mechanical English, which builds engines as much or more impressive, and also completely functional. One of his best works is an impressive engine 32 cylinder W.

Source: RM Auctions
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