This Bentley found abandoned in a garage, it cost over 1.5 million euros

Who could imagine that in a garage, covered in dust, and with numerous defects, had been held for more than 30 years the Bentley that is expected to reach at auction a value above 1.5 million euro? It was not a Bentley either. It was a Bentley R-Type Continental, a luxury vehicle that in the fifties would become the four-seater the fastest in the world. Yet there is more. This Bentley in question belonged to Ian Fleming, the author of the literary saga of James Bond.

The Bentley R-Type which had been abandoned in a garage for over 30 years, and that was found recently, it was purchased by Ian Fleming in the fifties.

As it seems, Ian Fleming booked this R-Type for his good friend Ivar Bryce, a royal figure whose story also inspired the famous secret agent in fiction. Without going more far, Ivar Bryce worked in the british army during the Second World War in matters of security and intelligence. The fact that Ian Fleming will sedujeran the Bentley is also evident in the saga James Bond, in 007 also used to driving Bentley’s, especially in its beginnings, despite the fact that their most popular cars, especially for their success in film, be the Aston Martin.

This Bentley R-Type “crossed the pond” on numerous occasions, passed by England, the centre of Europe, then to north America, Bahamas, New York, New England, and finally San Francisco. At some point, back in the seventies, it is believed he was abandoned in a garage in Hollywood, Los Angeles.


Recently it would appear in a deplorable state, which definitely would expect on a vehicle immobilized for 30 years. The seats were torn, the body pretty damaged, the paint was not original, but still remained a jewel that – according to Gooding Co. – will reach an approximate value at auction between 1.3 and 1.7 million euros.

Recall that the R-Type is one of Bentley’s most important brand after the Second World War. And that this unit, in particular, with the chassis number BC10LB, is one of the most representative of the many that have been auctioned in recent years. The R-Type auctioned recently would have passed comfortably to one million euros. This Bentley is to auction the next year, at Pebble Beach.

Source: Daily Mail | Gooding Co.